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A woman in China who remained loyal to her fiancé after he was diagnosed with leukaemia has moved many people online.

Liu Yue, from central China’s Henan province, was about to marry her boyfriend, Zhi Aohong, who she had been dating for 10 years.

But two months before their wedding, Zhi was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukaemia.

The rare disease has a five-year survival rate of below 20 per cent in China.

Liu said they have spent nearly two million yuan (US$280,000) on Zhi’s treatment so far, and have used up all their savings.

Liu Yue has stood by her man and has spent a large amount of money on his treatment. Photo: Weibo

She said she will not give up, and will stay by his side until he recovers.

Zhi had a stem cell transplant but relapsed, so he is currently in a Beijing hospital having a second transplant.

Liu said Zhi is being kept alive by a doses of medicine every two days that costs tens of thousands of yuan.

Local media outlet Henan City Report reported that the couple were childhood sweethearts.

Zhi, who stopped studying after graduating from secondary school, had been working in Shanghai to financially support Liu’s studies until she graduated.

Liu said Zhi lived frugally, but was generous when it came to spending money on her.

She said she was so grateful to him. He never expected her to repay him or worried about her meeting other men at college and dumping him. She wanted to give him the same love and respect in return.

“I hope he will be strong. I will be the one who keeps out of the wind and rain for him,” Liu said.

She said many people have said she is silly, but vowed: “I will keep on being silly” and that they will marry one day.

Zhi endured great pain throughout his treatment, but he persevered with it for Liu’s sake.

Liu in her wedding dress, which she says she will don again when Zhi Aohong recovers. Photo: Weibo

Their story has had 4 million views on Douyin, the mainland version of TikTok.

“They are both faithful and I wish the best for them,” one person said.

“No matter what the end of their story will be, at least the decade in their life was not wasted on the wrong person. Their love let me see some light in the world,” said another.

Last August, mainland social media was moved by the story of a 24-year-old man in China who stayed with his girlfriend of five years after she was diagnosed with late-stage kidney failure. That was despite her asking him to leave because she did not want to become a burden.

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