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On Saturday, I will perform a wedding ceremony in San Clemente, Ca.  It is a beautiful city on the coast.  I am speaking as a Deputy Commissioner of Civil Marriage for the first time since the pandemic, officiating at the wedding of a long time friend’s neice.

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I sent a couple of examples of my work to the happy couple and they returned a script that combined most of my words but filled in with personal information.  It will sound good and have the added advantage of being short.  When I did this kind of work at “City Hall” I married 16 couples in 4 hours twice a month.  That gave me about 15 minutes from “Welcome” to “Everything is signed and I will have it recorded.” so they kept that pacing mostly.  When I worked, I would then be off for the next waiting couple but on Saturday, I am invited to lunch.  Good deal.

The trip will take at least an hour but that’s not bad.  I won’t be staying the night.  The couple is having another “wedding” the next day with a larger group of friends and family.  My part is legal, providing the signature on the marriage license.  The next day will be free form, with their best friend officiating.  Bill and I did that when we got married because we couldn’t find someone to come out to our venue and leave Jesus at home, so we went to a Church of Life minister with our two witnesses and did about a 15 minute ceremony.  Two week later, we had of “wedding” without needing an official.  It was wonderful! 

Anyway, I am glad that I now have all the documents, the oath of office signed and stamped with the official stamp, the script and the directions.  I still need to try on my dress (one and only) but it will be fine.  So I am set.  Wish me luck.

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