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A BRIDE has banned an unexpected hue for her wedding guests to wear.

She said that it should be common sense to avoid the particular style for the ceremony.


Nicole Wanhala is a 28-year-old self-described ‘type A bride’ from the midwestCredit: TikTok/wanhahala

Nicole Wanhala (@wanhahala), 28, filmed herself discussing the no-no shade in a video on TikTok.


Describing herself as a “type A bride,” she said she’s heard not to wear red or black — which she had no problem with.

Wanhala also mentioned her general rule, no white unless you’re the bride.

However, she added an additional color to the list of wedding guest dress faux pas.


“The color in question, you ask, is light purple,” she said. “Do not wear lavender to a wedding.”


She attributed the rule to lighting that is common in matrimonial settings, which tends to have a warmer tone.

Wanhala stressed that the way the light hits a lavender dress could make it appear more white than purple.

“Trust me on this,” she added. “I’ve seen it happen.”

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The video drew in many viewers who weighed in on her wedding guest dress rule.

Not everyone agreed with Wanhala’s theory on banning light purple.

I was dying when I turned up to a wedding in the bridesmaids’ EXACT dress… people say I made a crucial error

“Brides are being way too picky now,” one wrote. “No white [or] ivory is the only rule anyone should feel obliged to follow.”

“My dress code just says ‘formal,’ but most of this I think should just be common sense,” Wanhala replied.

“Eh these rules are getting out of hand. My only rule on my wedding day was for my guests not to wear a wedding dress,” another added.

Wanhala maintained her formal dress code, adding that the no lavender rule “could save someone from an awkward situation.”


Others were at a loss for what to wear to a matrimonial ceremony without being offensive.

“These TikToks have me so nervous about wedding attire,” a third commented. “Should I just wear a potato sack to my cousin’s wedding?”

“Jewel tones are my go to,” Wanhala advised.

“But like what am I supposed to wear then?” another asked. “No pastels, red, black — like I’m running out of options.”

“I wore brown to the last wedding I went to haha,” Wanhala wrote back.

Some agreed with the advice, even taking it to the next level.

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“Honestly, I think all light pastels should be avoided. Some brides wear blush or champagne dresses,” one pointed out.

“Yes,” Wanhala said. “Common wedding dress and bridesmaid dress colors.”

She warned wedding attendees to steer clear of lavender due to warm lighting potentially making it look white


She warned wedding attendees to steer clear of lavender due to warm lighting potentially making it look whiteCredit: TikTok/wanhahala

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