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A PHOTOGRAPHER has dished on one of his most challenging jobs to date.

He said a wedding went awry, sending the bride into tears.


Kris Labang is a photographer for Hawaii Wedding Photography (stock photo)Credit: Getty

Kris Labang of Hawaii Wedding Photography spilled the beans on the unfortunate ceremony.

The photographer has seen it all, with over 20 years of experience in the industry.

He recounted one of the worst stories on the job, which turned the big day into a blunder.

The wedding fail took the cake, with Labang describing it as being unforgettable.



Labang explained that with his level of expertise, he’s witnessed a lot in his industry.

“Believe me when I say that I have seen and heard it all,” he said.

“But some wedding disasters you can never forget.”

What makes the story worse is that the snafu could have easily been avoided.

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“Another photographer I know had met with the happy couple in advance to discuss and plan their photos for the day,” he said.

“Every couple is different, and every wedding is different, so planning is important to make sure the best shots are all captured.”

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Issues arose once the when the groom’s mother stepped in while the shots were being taken.

“The photoshoot started well enough,” he said. “But then the mother-in-law decided to get involved.”

She began taking her own pictures with her phone, despite protests from the bride.

“The photographer did his best, but with an amateur taking control, the results were disappointing, to say the least,” he said.

“People didn’t look happy in the photographs, and an argument even broke out among the family. At one point, the bride was in tears.”


With weddings already being a time when emotions are on a high, Labang recommended keeping an eye on the prize.

“A wedding is a highly emotional day, and the frustration when something goes wrong can escalate quickly, ruining the day,” he said.

“Weddings are once-in-a-lifetime, and the run-up to the big day puts tremendous stress on those involved.

“Sometimes, it all comes out during the wedding.”

Labang also had some advice for other photographers on similar assignments.

“A more experienced photographer would have handled the mother’s interference, got the shots, and kept everyone happy,” he said.

“Being a professional is about understanding people and circumstances and working the crowd.

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“On this occasion, most of the planned photos were never taken, and the ones that were looked disorganized and a mess.

“No one was happy with the results, yet it all could have easily been avoided.”

Kris Labang’s Tips For Wedding Photos

Photographer Kris Labang of Hawaii Wedding Photography gave his advice for avoiding wedding photo fails.

  1. “Consider designating a ‘photo-free zone’ where only the professionals can take photos (no camera phones allowed).”
  2. “Try to hire a professional with a second shooter, as you will get a wide range of shots that are not possible with just one photographer working the day.”
  3. “Warn guests not to use flash photography during the service, as this can interfere with the professional’s shots.”
  4. “Consider requesting no guest photographs during the service (a polite notice in the church or comment from the official at the start will do), worded to suggest the happy couple just wants guests to enjoy the ceremony.”
  5. “Actively encourage guests to instead take lots of photos of each other at the reception or wedding breakfast afterward. These will be all the moments that the bride and groom will otherwise miss. Create an online space for everyone to upload their reception photos; it’s one of the best gifts for the happy couple.”
  6. “Be clear with everyone what is planned and communicate this well in advance. If you know you have someone who may try and disrupt things, you need to speak to them before the day.”

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