Influencer defends ‘massive’ breasts in wedding photos after trolls body shame her: ‘Don’t make it weird’ – New York Post

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Influencer Natalie Joy has been forced to defend her wedding photos after trolls body-shamed the new mum. 

She just tied the knot with US Bachelor alum Nick Viall, 43, in a lavish ceremony held at a farm in Georgia, in the US, over the weekend with the theme being country chic.

Natalie looked gorgeous on her wedding day. She wore a traditional white gown that was tight around the waist and then flared out. Nick kept with the traditional theme and looked handsome in a black tuxedo. 

The comment section was furious the influencer chose a “sexy” look for her big day. Instagram/@nnataliejjoy

The wedding even attracted a few celebrity guests. Former child star JoJo Siwa was in attendance along with influencer Victoria Fuller.

The couple included their adorable daughter in the wedding photos and she matched with her mum in a ruffled white dress and wore a very cute bonnet. Natalie, 25, had her first child in February and is still breastfeeding her newborn, River.

Nick Viall and fiancée Natalie Joy host ‘country chic’ welcome party to kick off wedding weekend. Instagram/@remibader

The young mum posted a series of wedding photos on Instagram to her 250,000 followers and wrote that she wanted to “relive this night over and over again.”

Instead of receiving an influx of compliments and well-wishes on her wedding photos, she was met with gross comments about her breasts. 

Joy says her boobs got bigger throughout the night because she is breastfeeding. Variety via Getty Images

The young mum addressed the body-shaming remarks directly on Instagram and said that people were being “ridiculous”.

“Some of you all are being ridiculous with these comments. Yes, I’m breastfeeding, so as the night went on, my boobs got bigger,” she wrote.

The bride added that despite people’s concerns, she wasn’t “in pain”, but she has “massive tits” and isn’t going to apologise for it. 

Joy says she was “surrounded by family” and that the online comments were what made the situation weird. Sarah Partain Weddings

“I was surrounded by people that I consider family, literal family. Nobody made it weird. So you all don’t make it weird,” she wrote. 

Natalie also said she wished everyone good vibes and indicated she wanted to move on from the saga. 

Despite the fact there were people making unsavory comments, there were also lots of people defending Natalie. 

The influencer wishes to move on from this saga. Sarah Partain Weddings

“I don’t get why women have to be so damn hard on each other,” one wrote. 

“If she says she feels sexy and wonderful on her wedding day then be happy for her,” another argued. 

“Know what is disgusting? All the body shamers out there!” Another raged. 

“These comments sound like a lot of projected insecurities,” someone commented.

Another complimented her saying, “I’m in awe of your post-partum body! You’re gorgeous, and this wedding was Stunning.” 

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