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When we first began working with our friends at Minted, a shoppable marketplace made up of a talented community of artists, the original goal was to curate a beautiful collection of wedding stationery that offered something for every type of couple. Next, we came together to create gifting essentials that engaged pairs would actually be excited to give their family members and friends. After that, we took some of our editors’ favorite wedding trends and designed paper goods that spoke to each. What could we partner on next? Rather than continue respond to the trends that were around us, our teams wanted to help define what weddings in the new year (and beyond!) would look like. Enter: The Minted + Brides Wedding Color of the Year 2024, Marseille Bleu.

How did we pick Marseille Bleu? Our two creative teams came together to discuss the world of weddings today, emerging trends, and the ideas we collectively felt were overdone. From there, we began thinking about colors. What hues have our favorite wedding planners started working into their ceremony and reception designs? Have any colors began to pop on the ready-to-wear and bridal fashion runways? Are there any shades both teams are feeling especially drawn to today? As it turned out, we all felt strongly about the same singular color: a rich, bold, almost primary blue.

Named for the beautiful coastal city along France’s Mediterranean coast and inspired by the artwork of French painter Yves Klein, Marseille Bleu is a dynamic, lively shade that works just as well for a formal, black-tie wedding in a major city as it does at a barefoot celebration on the beach. Depending on its application, it can read classic or modern, feminine or masculine, wintry or summery. In fact, it’s this versatility that we all loved most about the color: Couples planning any style of celebration can bring Marseille Bleu into their big days. And after a year in which bright, punchy Barbie-inspired pink seemed to be just about everywhere, we all agreed that the calming reprieve of a cobalt colorway was just what we all wanted to see from next year’s weddings.

To help you get to know and love Marseille Bleu, our team put together a comprehensive guide to the colorway and advice on using it throughout your big day. Whether you’re looking for Minted + Brides wedding stationery available in this fresh color, want to hear what industry experts think about our hue, are seeking décor inspiration that utilizes the shade, want to bring the colorway into your wedding fashion, or are simply ready to learn more about the destination that inspired us all, we’re sharing everything you need to know.

One last bit of advice? If you love Marseille Bleu but are newly-engaged and planning a wedding in 2025 or beyond, don’t worry about being late to the game: This color is a classic for a reason, and while we love it for next year’s celebrations, we expect Marseille Bleu to have a place in the wedding industry for years to come.

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