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A WEDDING guest has been brutally slated online after people insisted her stunning dress could be mistaken for a ”wedding gown”.

With the wedding season almost here, many guests have already started to look for their gorgeous outfits for the big day, including this one Reddit user.


Scroll down to see the gown in its full ‘bridal’ gloryCredit: Getty

Taking to the popular forum, the fashionista sought advice on whether the show-stopper of a dress she had her eyes on was fit for a black-tie wedding this summer – however, it looks like she may have to keep on shopping.

According to the style lover, the nuptials would take place in London, the UK, around June and the guests had been told to stick to a ”black and white tie” dress code.

With this in mind, the Redditor had started looking for the perfect outfit until she finally came across one she thought could potentially work.

The gown, she shared in the post on social media, was a gorgeous tulle maxi dress that featured an intricate floral design, as well as a dozens of light pearls all over the pastel pink material.

Meanwhile, the sleeveless design also had a flattering low V-neckline, with mesh detailing around the chest, and a flowy bottom.

Wondering what others thought of the fabulous maxi dress, the fashionista asked: ”Is this acceptable for a black tie summer wedding (June) in London UK?”

But unfortunately for the wedding guest, not everyone approved of the beautiful frock, as dozens flocked to comments to slam the choice and even sharing other outfits she should consider, in their eyes.

Some went as far as thinking this had to be an ”April Fool’s” joke, as it was the only explanation that ”would make sense”.

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One said: ”It’s a beautiful dress, but a bit too bridal IMO [in my opinion].”

Another agreed, writing: ”Very bridal. This would be an absolute no.”

I found the dream wedding guest dress for £30 – I love the pattern, but people say it would upstage the bride

A third chimed in: ”No. This could very easily be a wedding gown. Pick something else or a different colour.”

”It’s perfect for a London wedding in summer, if you’re getting married,” someone else chuckled.

”If you hate the bride, sure,” a fellow Redditor reckoned.

Although this can vary from wedding to wedding, usually, in the Western world, it’s an unspoken rule that a wedding guest should not arrive in an all-white outfit on someone else’s big day.

Unless the bride has specifically asked the guests to sport cream – and even white – colours, this is often deemed as bad taste, as some may assume you’re trying to steal the spotlight.

Luckily, if you have a wedding ceremony coming up, there are plenty of gorgeous options on the high street, such as a baby blue number from Primark.

Rival QUIZ are also offering a lovely pink dress for wedding guests – and people can’t believe just how ”pretty” it is.

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The frock has taken the internet by storm for all the wrong reasons


The frock has taken the internet by storm for all the wrong reasonsCredit: Reddit/Weddingattireapproval

Bridal expert reveals the must-have trends for 2024

Event whizz Tsitsi Lynn Makuni claimed that mini gowns, wearing bows for tying the knot and donning bold accessories are among this season’s must-haves for marriage, The Sun reported earlier.

RING THE CHANGES – brides are opting for not one, but two dresses.

HITCH UP THE SKIRTS – short dresses were a huge hit at the Scottish Wedding Show’s October Catwalk and Tsitsi said more bridal boutiques are now offering shorter styles.

BRIGHT NOT WHITE – white and ivory dresses are no longer a given as more designers offer pastel options, and we will see a demand in more bold colours too.

BE BOLD – the accessories, too, will be as bold as our dresses. Expect to see dramatic headbands, pearl-embellished veils, elegant gloves and retro sunglasses.

TAKE A BOW – from small bows on headpieces and shoes to oversized bows on dresses, this is a wedding trend that’s showing no signs of slowing down, the expert revealed.

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