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WHEN it comes to dressing up for a wedding there are plenty of rules to stick to.

Whether the bride has picked her own colour-scheme to making sure you never upstage her – there’s lots to think about.

She wanted opinions on what dress to wear to the weddingCredit: Reddit
Many people said there was only one option to pick from
Many people said there was only one option to pick fromCredit: Reddit

But one woman seemed to have forgotten the biggest rule of all – to never wear white.

Taking to social media, the woman revealed she was invited to her partner’s best friend’s big day as a plus one.

Thrilled with the invite, which said it would be a gorgeous garden summer wedding, she began to plan her outfit.

The woman revealed there was one brand she wanted to buy from and a wedding was the perfect excuse.

But people weren’t thrilled by the options.

My boyfriend says either is fine.

Wedding Guest

In the post, she showed off the two dresses, the first was an off-white dress with embroidered flowers on the hem and sleeves.

The next dress was a red midi-dress with embroidered flowers all over.

She wrote: “I am going as a plus one to my boyfriend’s best friend’s wedding.

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“It’s a garden wedding, no specific dress code given.

“I’ve been dying to buy a dress from this company but want to know if either of these are appropriate.

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“My boyfriend says either is fine, but I feel the first one is too white/ could photograph white.”

The post shared on the Reddit forum Wedding Attire Approval quickly went viral.

Plenty of people took to the comments section to share their thoughts – with many saying there was no way she could wear the first option.

One person wrote: “The first one definitely reads very white. I’d stick with the red!”

Another commented: “I thought the first one was for a bride, too white for a guest. But the second one is great!”

“I thought the first one was an unconventional bride,” penned a third.

Meanwhile a fourth said: “The second dress works. The first one could absolutely be a wedding dress. DO NOT get that one.”

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“I thought the first one was a wedding dress! Definitely go with the red one,” claimed a fifth.


Someone else added: “Absolutely not the first one. Before I read the description, I thought it was a bridal gown and you were the bride. It legit looks like a wedding dress. Stick with the red.”

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