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To many, the biggest wedding day taboo is sporting white when you’re not the bride.

So it’s no wonder Tanya Bella, from New York, sparked outrage in a clip recently posted to her TikTok page when asking followers if a long cream-colored dress was suitable to wear to a wedding.

The Bengali-American explained that she had only been to weddings within her own culture, where there is little concept of outshining the bride, so turned to the video platform for help.

The fashion content creator has three weddings coming up this year and was hoping the nude dress wasn’t too white to wear.

Demanding ‘honest thoughts’, Tanya was keen to respect the no-white wedding tradition and stressed that she didn’t ‘want to offend anyone’ – but gobsmacked viewers slammed her for asking the question.

The content creator, who often posts fashion-related videos is from a South Asian background where it is the norm to dress to the nines without formal dress codes or taboos, explained this was why she resorted to social media for answers

She pleaded: ‘I need your help, I got the most beautiful, beautiful dress in the mail. I am absolutely obsessed with it, but do we feel like this color is okay to wear to a wedding?  

‘It’s like tan, cream, nude. I’m hoping because I’m dark it doesn’t look white. Obviously I don’t want to offend anybody, it’s just the best formal dress I’ve ever seen that I like.’

She continued: ‘In person it looks tan-nude, but let me know what you guys think’, in the 37-second-long clip captioned: ‘I’ve literally only been to Indian weddings so sorry if it’s a dumb question’.

The clip, which has since amassed over a million views divided viewers, many of whom hailed the summery gown as ‘gorgeous’.

Shocked TikTok users deemed the no-white convention common knowledge, but others were more understanding given her background. 

One diplomatically concluded: ‘Hard no. Gorgeous dress though’, while another penned: ‘My policy is if you have to question it, then no’.

And one user, a bride-to-be admitted: ‘It’s absolutely gorgeous but I’m getting married this spring and if someone wore this to my wedding I would cry’.

A more scathing account quipped: ‘Absolutely not. I feel like once a year there is a girl who does this: asks about the most obvious dress and we all collectively tell her “NOOOO”‘.

Many of Tanya's viewers were left stunned she had to even ask what they deemed an obvious question, but the content creator explained that her background was why she wasn't so clued up on it all

And one woman even thought Tanya was planning on wearing this on her own big day: ‘Girl, I thought you were gonna say this was for YOUR wedding’.

Another gobsmacked TikTok user said: ‘HOW is this a question, like actually.’

But some ran to Tanya’s defence, explaining: ‘Crazy concept but not everyone grew up with the same culture as you’.

This led to the creator replying: ‘Thank you. Growing up only going to Indian weddings, a lot of these comments and insights actually were not obvious’. 


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