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James Harden was looking a bit stressed at friend’s recent wedding.

The NBA star has gone viral for his hilarious reaction to his girlfriend catching the bride’s bouquet at a wedding over the weekend. In a clip shared on X (formerly Twitter), a crowd of wedding guests could be seen gathered behind the bride as she tossed the bouquet amid lots of cheering and clapping.

The flowers landed on the floor in the back of the crowd, and a woman in a black dress bent down to pick them up. Then the camera panned to show Harden, 34, next to her, wearing a black suit. While the woman — who, as it turns out, is his girlfriend Paije Speights — reacted with excitement, the Los Angeles Clippers guard had a not-so-thrilled look on his face.

He stood stiffly and stared straight ahead, not blinking his eyes or saying anything, even as his girlfriend hugged him while holding the bouquet.

In the comments below the video, fans shared their delight over the awkward moment, calling it an “instant meme.”

“Bro literally terrified,” one person wrote of Harden.

“That’s the time he should have played defense,” another joked, while yet another chimed in, “My man thought he was safe in the back.”

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A fan even imagined that “prenuptial agreements are being drafted in his head.”

According to Vibe, the wedding was that of retired NBA player Rajon Rondo and his now-wife Latoia Fitzgerald.

James Harden.

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Harden is currently enjoying the offseason after the Clippers were eliminated in the first round of the postseason after losing to the Dallas Mavericks on May 3. The athlete — who, along with team USA, won an Olympic gold medal in the 2012 London Summer Games — joined the Clippers in November after a year with the Philadelphia 76ers.

Last year, Harden made headlines for his wine-selling bonanza. During a live stream in August — which was hosted by online star Crazy Brother Yang in China — the basketball player sold 16,000 bottles of his signature J-Harden wine within just seconds.

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More than 15 million people reportedly tuned in for the live stream, and Harden memorably reacted with delight when he learned just how well sales were going.

At one point, he checked the computer and saw that 5,000 orders (for two bottles each) had come in, which prompted him to laugh and applaud and tell the audience “I love you” several times.

Seconds later, another 6,000 bottles were sold, and Harden did a cartwheel to celebrate.

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