Jealous sister tries to vandalise bride’s wedding dress because she wanted to wear it – The Mirror

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Weddings are supposed to be a time of joy and celebration, bringing families together to see two people in love getting married. But they can also bring out the worst in people as one bride-to-be discovered.

The woman in question has been engaged for about a year, while her sister has been engaged for three months. A month before her wedding, she went wedding dress shopping with her mum and sister and found the dress of her dreams. So she bought it and had it fitted.

There was just one problem – her older sister wanted the same dress. The conflict was revealed when the older sister showed her a picture of the dress, which the younger girl immediately recognised as the one she had already bought.

“She said she had just fell in love with everything about it and asked if I could get a new one,” the bride-to-be explained on Reddit. “I obviously told her no because my wedding was in a week and I already bought it and had it fitted.”

She thought that was the end of the conversation, but she was wrong. “I walked into the room as she was not supposed to be in there and low and behold there she was about to cut my dress into pieces,” she said. “I screamed and ripped the dress out of her hands as she kept trying to ruin it. She told me if I would have just chose a new dress this wouldn’t be happening.”

The woman then took the drastic step of telling her older sister that she was no longer welcome at her wedding, which was in a week’s time. Her fiancé said this was taking it too far, but the woman took to Reddit to ask for opinions on her decision.

Several people commented on the fact that trying to cut up a wedding dress is a strange thing to do, with some even labelling the older sister as ‘crazy’ or ‘unhinged’. One questioned why the fiancé had reacted: “Your fiancé said you took it too far? Wow, do you really want to marry a man that backs your sister over you!”

Another replied: “Anyone who tries to sabotage a wedding in any shape should be perma banned from that wedding. Your fiancé is not taking this seriously enough.”

Do you think the woman went too far by banning her sister from the wedding? Let us know in the comments.

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