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The search for a classy but meaningful wedding gift for mekuravim is over. In the last few months, a foundational wedding gift was produced that checks all the boxes, bringing Jewish observance into a new home with elegance.

Shabbos, Mezuzah, Taharas Hamishpocho. Three fundamental Mitzvos in a Jewish home, creatively packed into a luxury gift box, is hard to beat for the best wedding gift possible. Recently launched by CYP’s Met@Chabad, The Jewish Home Starter Kit is the perfect gift for a Shliach to give a young couple in their community.

“In recent days, an increasing amount of young Jews are looking to build Jewish homes and families with a strong Jewish atmosphere,” said Rabbi Mendy Kotlarsky, executive director of Merkos 302. “The Rebbe taught us the importance of having Torah books and Jewish items to display and use regularly, as part of creating a Jewish home.”

Shluchim and Shluchos play a pivotal role in the lives of young Jews, from hosting social events where couples often meet, to emotional support, and religious guidance to ultimately participating in their wedding and navigating the nuances of building a Jewish home.

For Shluchim such as Rabbi Peretz Chein, of Chabad at Brandeis, it was difficult to find a gift that was both stylish and purposeful. The Jewish Home Starter Kit proved to be just that. “I gave this gift to a couple whose wedding I officiated at, and now they use the Shabbos components every week, beautifying their Shabbos experience,” he said.

The gift box is a project of Met@Chabad, an innovative platform that promotes values-based dating to young Jews. The platform pairs singles with matchmakers and uses AI technology to bring the best qualities of the shidduch system into the modern world, in an appealing fashion for Jews of all stripes.

The matte black box contains a beautiful Kiddush cup, candlesticks set, and a Shabbat table companion for hosting meaningful Shabbat meals; a modern mezuza case, with the option of purchasing a mezuza scroll too; a Tzedaka box; and the book ‘Joy of Intimacy’ by Rabbi Manis Friedman, about making marriage sacred in keeping with Torah traditions.

“A binyan adei ad is based on the foundation of Torah and Mitzvos, having these items in one’s home will certainly help in the seamless incorporation of mitzvah observance,” explains Rabbi Beryl Frankel, director of CYP International at Merkos 302. “The gift box can help a shliach or shlucha to continue to support their community members at this pivotal moment in life. Helping couples further Jewish practice and make their homes a sanctified place.

The Jewish Home Starter Kit is available for Shluchim to purchase at http://Metatchabad.com/gift

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