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I think we had a photographer when we were married. Can’t remember, so long ago. We were cleaning out junk which included a picture album. Dusty.

It looks like me. I mean the guy was OK – nothing to write home about. I think that is what I used to look like. The woman was hot. (Gotta write that). And she was making the biggest mistake of her life (how many times have I heard that one…)

Do you have any idea how many people care about these pictures? We have not looked at them in 40 years. Someone looks at them and you know what they say, “Is that you?… Wow.” Then they catch themselves and lie, “You have not changed a bit.” If you are delusional that might be a pick-me-up. But you gotta be delusional.

“The kids will want the pictures!” Sure, just like we have all these pictures of our parents’ weddings all over the house.

Be mindful of living with a realistic view of the way it is. (If she reads this, it is ok. I do not mind sleeping on the couch… you know – biggest mistake of her life.)

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