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tvN’s ongoing K-drama Wedding Impossible‘s finale episode is airing on April 2, 2024. Now, as we have come close to the conclusion of the drama, let’s take a look at the other K-dramas that feature similar storylines.

Wedding Impossible stars Jeon Jong-Seo, Moon Sang-Min, and Kim Do-Wan in the lead. Directed by Kwon Young-Il and written by Oh Hye-Won and Park Seul-Ki, this rom-com drama is creating quite a buzz. The on-screen chemistry between the actors has been widely appreciated by the viewers. For fans of Wedding Impossible, here are a few more recommendations – from Business Proposal to My Demon and more.

Wedding Impossible

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Adapted from the webtoon Wedding Impossible, the storyline of the drama revolves around Na Ah-Jeong (Jeon Jong-Seo). Ah-Jeong is an actress who is quite talented but never gets recognized for her work. Even though she has quite an experience being a married woman in dramas, in real life, her dating phase is in the back seat. When her friend, Lee Do-Han, asks her to be his pretend wife and daughter-in-law of his family, she eagerly agrees. Do-Han (Kim Do-Wan) is a chaebol heir. However, things take a different turn when his brother, Lee Ji-Han (Moon Sang-Min), gets into the picture. What will happen between these characters by the end of the drama is piquing the viewers’ interest.

Watch it on TVING or stream it on Amazon Prime Video and Viki.

My Demon

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Much like Wedding Impossible, My Demon is a K-drama that focuses on a contract marriage. The narrative of the story revolves around Do Do-Hee (Kim You-Jung), the successor of Future Group. She has a traumatic past and a quite evil family. In a mysterious turn of events, she gets involved with a Demon Jeong Gu-Won (Song Kang). She approaches him with a contract marriage, and from there, the story unfolds further.

Stream it on Netflix.

Business Proposal

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Business Proposal‘s story starts with a blind date between Kang Tae-Moo (Ahn Hyo-Seop) and Shin Ha-Ri (Kim Se-Jeong). What began with a false identity transforms into a beautiful love story between an employee and the CEO of the same company. It is still one of the popular rom-com K-dramas with a satisfactory ending.

Stream it on Netflix.

The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract

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The storyline of The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract is quite similar to Wedding Impossible. Set in the 19th century, on the night of Park Yeon-Woo’s (Lee Se-Young) wedding, her husband dies. Before she could mourn her husband’s death, she was thrown into a well. But when she opens her eyes, she finds a man named Kang Tae-Ha (Baek In-Hyuk) getting her out of a swimming pool. He looks a lot like her husband from the past. Tae-Ha is a logical man and doesn’t like to get involved in romantic relationships. When his grandfather requests him to marry, he asks Park Yeon-Woo to get into a contract marriage with him. What happens next in this time-slip drama is very fascinating.

Stream it on Viki.

Well, these are a few recommendations you can watch after finishing Wedding Impossible.

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