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  • Savannah Kriger, 32, shot her son Kaiden, 3, dead on eve of custody hearing
  • In her last hours she trashed her ex’s home and shot holes in her wedding dress
  • The picked up Kaiden, made him say goodbye to his dad, and killed both of them 

A mother taunted her ex-husband and made her young son ‘say goodbye to daddy’ on camera before she shot him and herself in the head.

Savannah Kriger, 32, and her son Kaiden, 3, were reported missing on Monday after she left work early to pick him up from daycare for a doctor’s appointment.

They were found dead early on Tuesday morning, 19 hours later, in a drainage ditch in Tom Slick Park in San Antonio, Texas, with gunshot wounds.

Kriger was due to face her ex-husband Brian Kriger at a custody hearing the same day.

Investigators pieced together Kriger’s last hours alive as she trashed two houses in a gun rampage, took her son, and gloated to Brian on the phone he wouldn’t see him ever again.

They were found dead early on Tuesday morning in a drainage ditch in Tom Slick Park in San Antonio, Texas, with gunshot wounds

Kriger left work at 12.49pm in her white 2023 Lincoln Aviator and drove to Brian’s house 7.9 miles away. while he was at work. and trashed it.

At 1.14pm, she drove 27.2 miles home, where she shot holes in her wedding dress and two wedding portraits she displayed on her bed.

Her next stop was Kaiden’s daycare, where she arrived at 2.32pm and checked him out, taking all of 10 minutes.

Four minutes later she left Brian an alarming two minutes, 13 second message on FaceTime while he was still at work.

‘You don’t have anything to go home to now, you really don’t. You don’t have anything at Dover’s Den house either, and you won’t have anything at all at the end of the day,’ she said. 

As Brian rushed home and called 911 to report a criminal mischief complaint at his house and discover it trashed, Kriger was making her final drive.

At 3.19pm, as Brian was taking photos of the damage she did to his house, Kriger tried to call him again but he didn’t answer.

She sent him a final text: ‘Say goodbye to your son.’

Police traced Kriger's SUV to Tom Slick Park, following phone pings. They located two bodies tentatively identified as the 32-year-old and her young son on Tuesday as well as a gun

Kriger left work early on Monday to pick Kaiden up from daycare for a doctor's appointment

However, family members grew concerned when they were unable to get in contact with Kriger

Two minutes later she tried again to FaceTime him, without success, and instead recorded a 21-second video of her and Kaiden’s last moments.

‘She and Kaiden appear to already be seated in the drainage ditch where their bodies would eventually be found. Savannah instructs Kaiden to say bye to Daddy,’ The Bexar County Sheriff Javier Salazar said.

After Kaiden said goodbye to Brian on camera, not knowing it would be for the last time, Kriger kissed him and apologized that his father wasn’t there with him.

The last activity on Kriger’s phone was her looking up children’s cartoons at 3.29pm.

Nothing graphic was recorded on the phone, but detectives believed the video showed the pair’s last moments alive.

As the hours ticked by family grew concerned when they could not contact Kriger. All calls when to voicemail and location services on her phone was turned off. 

The Bexar County Sheriff’s Office was called to her house for a welfare check about 6pm, but were unable to get in the house.

Bexar County Sheriff's Office said deputies found evidence that created 'cause for concern' inside Kriger's home upon conducting a welfare check

Deputies eventually made contact with a family member who let them inside.

‘There they found evidence that created ’cause for concern for the child as well as Savannah,’ according to Salazar. 

An Amber Alert was issued the same day. Police suspected Kriger, who was involved in an ongoing custody dispute with the child’s father, had abducted him. 

Authorities traced Kriger’s car to Tom Slick Park off State Highway 151 East, following phone pings.

A search of the park began Monday night but had to be suspended as night fell.

On Tuesday morning, police continued to comb the area and found two bodies near a drainage easement. A gun was also recovered from the scene.

Salazar said Kriger and Kaiden appeared to have left the SUV and walked a ‘considerable ways’ from the park to the ditch where the bodies were located. 

An Amber Alert was issued for three-year-old Kaiden one day prior to the discovery of the bodies. In that alert, Kriger was named as his suspected abductor

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