Kindergarten in China hosts wedding for pet rabbits – South China Morning Post

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A nursery school in China delighted its pupils by throwing a wedding ceremony for its beloved pet rabbits. This happened after children asked if the rabbits, named Fugui and Laifu, could marry. It took place at Antai Kindergarten in Xuzhou, Jiangsu province.

Similar to what people do in traditional weddings, six pupils rode tiny vehicles in a parade. The “bride”, Laifu, was collected from the trunk of a teacher’s car, and her cage was covered with a red veil. The school created red marriage certificates, and the students made “cash gifts” of hand-drawn banknotes.

In the end, each child was given a small bag of happiness sweets.

“It is so interesting. Children can learn how adults feel, and it helps children foster love for little animals by treating them as members of the family,” one person said.

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