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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) – Under the twinkling lights, a couple sits down to enjoy their first moments together after a busy work day. It’s a busy time in their lives, both Paul Decker and Nicolette Zangara go to school and work full-time. Nicolette is a member of KY3′s weather team. On April 8th they’ll hit the pause button for a day to get married during the total solar eclipse.

“We were looking for a way to celebrate our marriage and our families coming together and when we found out the eclipse was coming up, it was like a eureka moment, we knew exactly it had to be that day,” said Zangara.

Paul and Nicolette are already married but their first ceremony, in a Florida courthouse and their families weren’t able to be there. Nicolette said the decision to bring their families together during the eclipse made perfect sense.

“It goes back to our zodiac signs, respectively,” said Zangara. “I am a Leo, which is ruled by the sun and Paul is cancer, ruled by the moon. We thought it was really poetic to do it on the eclipse because the sun and moon meet and that doesn’t happen very often.”

Therefore the ceremony will be on a Monday afternoon, not something you see very often. Nicolette’s dad Phil Zangara said that’s just her style.

“Very outgoing, I try to teach my kids that you don’t want to live in a box right,” said Phil Zangara, Nicolette’s dad. “Sometimes you take a step out and be different. do what is right for you.”

For both Nicolette and Paul, they said a small ceremony with their closest friends and family is perfect for them.

“Regardless of if we see the eclipse or not, it’s still going to be a special day,” said Zangara. “I hope that everyone at the event feels and recognizes how much we love them and how much we appreciate them being a part of our lives, even though they weren’t a part of our first celebration of our marriage,” said Zangara.

“We’re very simple people, we live a pretty simple life up and Nicolette being on TV is probably the most complex, big complicated thing in our lives,” said Decker. “It’s a pretty easy life and I think we wanted to do the celebration to echo that.”

Nicolette may be doing a little work on her wedding day too.

“I’m trying to work, some weather magic for clear skies on the eclipse, which I know is going to be hard to come by this time of year,” said Zangara.

Nicolette said she didn’t have trouble booking a venue because she did it a year ago before the crowds. However, finding a caterer has been harder because a lot of businesses are saving their resources for the crowds.

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