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Lamb of God frontman Randy Blythe turned the band’s inaugural Headbangers Boat cruise into a Vegas wedding chapel on Halloween night (October 31st). The singer officiated a wedding between two cruisers, giving them a metal memory that will last forever.

Headbangers Boat set sail from Miami earlier that day, and Blythe didn’t waste any time making the couple’s dreams come true.

As the story goes, the groom, Ro, couldn’t get into a Lamb of God show on Halloween night in 2012. Not wanting to spend the evening alone, he went on OK Cupid and found a match in the bride, Bic, and asked her out on a date. In a full circle moment, Blythe (dressed as Elvis Presley) married the couple exactly 11 years to the day of their first date.

Photographer Kevin Wilson is on board the Headbangers Boat cruise, and captured the nuptials, as seen in the pics above and below. Apparently, it was the first wedding that Blythe ever officiated.

In addition to featuring headliner Lamb of God, the Headbangers Boat features performances from GWAR, Mastodon, Testament, and more. It’s making a stop at Nassau, Bahamas, before returning to Miami on November 4th.


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Photo Gallery – Randy Blythe officiates Ro and Bic’s Wedding on Headbangers Boat (click to expand and scroll through):

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