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A former WWE star had their wedding at the base of the Great Pyramids in Egypt, and Lance Bass delivered an impromptu performance.

As reported by Charlotte Phillip of PEOPLE, Lance Bass, the bass singer for NSYNC, sang at the wedding of former WWE wrestler Erika Hammon and Ankur Jain, the CEO of Bilt Rewards. Bass was in attendance, and he broke into song as he performed “Bye Bye Bye.”

Bass was not the only star in attendance. Fellow guest Robin Thicke also performed, and Kevin O’Leary of Shark Tank was also there, among other noteworthy attendees. The wedding also included a firework show over the pyramids.

The couple posted about their wedding on Instagram:

Who Is Erika Hammond?

Erika Hammond had a brief run in WWE, and she was on NXT. She has since transitioned to a successful post-WWE career, as she was a successful fitness coach, and she has various fitness-centric ventures, including KNOCKOUT, a fitness class inspired by boxing.

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