Lance Bass Performs *NSYNC’s ‘Bye Bye Bye’ at Egyptian Wedding of Billionaire CEO and Ex-WWE Star – PEOPLE

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Lance Bass broke out a classic *NSYNC song for a luxurious wedding!

Bass, 44, gave an impromptu performance on Friday, April 26, while attending the wedding of Bilt Rewards CEO Ankur Jain and Erika Hammond, an ex-WWE wrestler and creator of KNOCKOUT at Equinox.

The boy band alum, accompanied to the extravagant wedding by his husband Michael Turchin, jumped on stage, grabbed the microphone and gave guests a surprise performance of *NSYNC’s “Bye, Bye, Bye,” which was released 24 years ago.

This wedding is thought to be the first wedding celebration held in modern times at the base of the Great Pyramids in Egypt in front of the Sphinx.

Guests included Robin Thicke (who also performed), Ryan Serhant and his wife Emilia, Shark Tank‘s Kevin O’Leary and his wife Linda, former Texas Gov. Rick Perry and his wife Anita and more big names in entertainment, politics and business. They all mingled while dining on tacos and pizza, and at one point, a massive firework show went off over the pyramids.

In an Instagram post and IG Stories highlighting Bass and Turchin’s favorite parts of their trip to Egypt, the couple can be seen dining in front of the pyramids and getting up close with the first Wonder of the World, jokingly pretending to kiss the Sphinx in a forced perspective shot.

In other photos on Bass’ Instagram Stories, he can be seen posing with the other wedding attendees as well as visiting the Grand Egyptian Museum.

“Why did the Egyptians build the pyramids? To get to the other side,” Bass wrote in an Instagram caption, tagging “#AnkurAndErika” to celebrate the couple.

In a video shared to Instagram by the billionaire newlyweds, Bass can be seen gracing the stage as fireworks go off in the distance, donning a suit adorned with silver fringe and sunglasses.

The bride and groom previously spoke with PEOPLE about their decision to have such a grand wedding, with the Bilt Rewards executive half-jokingly saying that his “first pitch to Erika for the wedding was to get married in space.”

“I was like, ‘I don’t want to die on my wedding day!‘ ” Hammond told PEOPLE.

“We’re New Yorkers and there’s something so special about being in a completely different world environment. So we decided, our wedding is about having a moment together to celebrate the new beginning, having a really special party with our friends somewhere where you’re in a different world,” Jain said of the ceremony.

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The ceremony — inspired by Jain’s love for ancient history and the memories of his first archeological dig in Egypt as a teen — was officiated by the world’s foremost Egyptologist and the groom’s family friend, Dr. Zahi Hawass.

“I’m obsessed with ancient history and society,” Jain told PEOPLE.

“The pyramids are just insane to see. You’re speechless. I can’t believe that this is even a part of our civilization,” Hammond added. “It’s a once in a lifetime experience.”

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