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True to our generation, Tom and I met via a good old DM slide on Instagram. We went for a drive to the seaside the next day, listening to all our favourite music on the way and chatting for hours. Neither of us wanted to go home, we both felt instantly how special our connection was. We’ve never really left each other’s side since.

Music is a huge part of our relationship and was central to Tom’s proposal. We were headed to TRNSMT festival in Scotland, spending the long drive up from Hull excited for the weekend and listening to all our favourite music – just like we did on our first date. We checked into our hotel to find we’d been upgraded. Tom played it off as a complimentary surprise but had secretly organised it weeks in advance, even asking the hotel to decorate the room.

I turned to him in confusion, and down on one knee by the window in the glaring sun with tears in his eyes, Tom asked me to marry him. I of course said yes! He had picked out the most gorgeous ring. It’s a beautiful oval solitaire emerald surrounded by diamonds on a gold band. I couldn’t have picked out something better for myself, it has such timeless beauty but still feels different and unique to a classic engagement ring. We spent the next few days at the festival – dancing in a field, full of love, watching our favourite bands, eating pizza and drinking cocktails. It was the best way to celebrate.

When it came to planning our wedding we did discuss the idea of a small traditional ceremony, but it became clear very quickly that neither of us had any desire for that. It just wasn’t something we were interested in, the only motivating factor would be to give our family and friends that experience.

Instead, we decided to elope. It was an exciting idea and the perfect decision for us! We wanted to celebrate our love in a way that felt completely authentic to who we are as a couple. We are most comfortable and truly ourselves when we are in our own company, so to have the day just the two of us was incredibly special.

If we had a traditional wedding, we would have been influenced by our guests and more focused on creating the perfect day for them, rather than us. Not to mention the stress, expectations and costs that come with planning a wedding just wasn’t something we wanted to put ourselves through.

We are so lucky to have amazing family and friends who were all super supportive and excited for us. I’m sure some were a little confused or disappointed that we weren’t going to have a day that they could come and join us to celebrate, but ultimately everyone understood and gave us nothing but love and their best wishes. Wanting to celebrate our union is lovely and something we’re very grateful for, but being a part of our lives and marriage as a whole is what matters more to us.


Kate Godfrey @kategodfreyphoto

Our wedding day began with just the two of us in a gorgeous Airbnb in Edinburgh. We prepared our own little wedding breakfast of croissants, pancakes and champagne before getting ready together.

I wore a pink and red Molby The Label dress. It felt so much more ‘me’ than a traditional white dress and it signified our relationship, too. We’re two best friends who have fun together every day, and nothing said that for me quite like a bright pink dress. Tom wore a blazer over a white t-shirt with some smart-ish trousers, and we both had on the Doc Martens boots we’ve worn to many gigs and festivals together over the years. For us, the main thing was to feel comfortable and like ourselves. There were no pre-wedding diets or pressure to look the best we ever have, it was about marrying each other exactly as we are.

    Once we were ready, we tearily read the vows we had written for one another before heading to the registry office where we met our photographer Kate. We chose Edinburgh for a few reasons; my Great Uncle got married here during the Fringe Festival when I was a child, I remember the city and atmosphere being so beautiful I’d always wanted to go back. When looking into where to elope, I discovered the Edinburgh City Chambers were in a grand, old, traditional building with cobbled streets right outside the front door. It reminded me of the architecture in my hometown, Hull, and felt very romantic.

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    Kate Godfrey @kategodfreyphoto

    As we were eloping just the two of us, we ran into a slight hurdle when it came to our witnesses. We felt we couldn’t choose between our many family members so decided, as a last resort, to pick two strangers off the street. With five minutes to go and full of nerves before we were due to officially tie the knot, Kate went dashing off into the streets of Edinburgh, returning with a lovely Irish couple who had just arrived in the city. Attending our wedding was the first thing they did on their trip!

    I couldn’t help but giggle at them throughout the ceremony, finding themselves in such unusual circumstances, but they were more than happy to be our witnesses, co-sign the paperwork and even celebrate with us after we said ‘I do’. They’re two strangers we’ll never see again, but they were part of our most special day and I love the human nature of that.

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    Kate Godfrey @kategodfreyphoto

    Once we were officially married, our amazing photographer Kate led us around the city taking photographs of us the whole time. We nearly didn’t hire a wedding photographer as we’re both camera-phobes and were worried about feeling awkward. At the last-minute, we changed our minds and confirmed our booking with Kate, something I’m so glad we did. With the right photographer, it’s not an awkward experience at all. It was actually a lot of fun! Plus, having those photos to look back on is priceless.

    After our photoshoot, Tom and I headed for pizza and cocktails (yes, it’s our favourite combo) and then on to a gig, which coincidentally the Irish couple who were our witnesses were also heading to – a fact we’d discovered while getting to know them in the five minutes before our wedding. We saw Paolo Nutini who we had seen the night following our engagement at TRNSMT festival. He announced his Edinburgh gig after we’d booked everything, which felt to us like a sure sign we were doing the right thing by eloping. It was a beautiful full circle moment and really was the day of our dreams.

    I have so many favourite moments from the day, but being in the crowd with my new husband, singing and dancing together, and exchanging the look of ‘We get to do this forever’ is definitely up there.

    To any other couples considering eloping, I would say just do it! Create your perfect day together doing what you both love, and throw getting married right into the middle of it. Oh, and definitely hire the photographer.

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