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When searching for the perfect wedding dress, Lindsay Hubbard was admittedly indecisive.

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“There are days that I’m the simple classic bride, and there are days that I am the embellished sexy bride, and then there are other days where I’m more romantic and lacy,” the Summer House beauty told People magazine in July 2023, just months before Carl Radke called off their engagement. “I’ve been wedding dress shopping a bunch now, and I feel like every time I go, I’m a different bride.”

After struggling to make a decision, Lindsay found herself with not one, not two, but three wedding dresses for the doomed ceremony, including the stunning lace Berta gown she revealed in Summer House Season 8, Episode 8.

“I have three,” she recently told Glamour about her wedding dresses. “I had one and I realized I had buyer’s remorse after purchasing it, but I got it from a sample sale so I couldn’t return it. Then I bought the one that you saw on the show. Then I got a second dress for the after-party.”

Lindsay Hubbard reveals what happened to her wedding dresses

So, what did Lindsay ultimately do with the three garments? Well, nothing yet. But she has plans.

“They’re sitting in my closet,” the influencer said. “I’m going to sell one and donate one. That’s the short answer.”

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Carl Radke calls off his engagement to Lindsay Hubbard

Lindsay and Carl got engaged in August 2022 after years of multiple flings. Although some of their housemates expressed concern over the so-called “rushed marriage proposal,” Lindsay and Carl appeared to be on Cloud 9 — that is, until September 2023, when Lindsay confirmed Carl had ended their engagement.

Lindsay shared the shocking news via Instagram, just months before she was scheduled to walk down the aisle. The former PR specialist said the decision left her “humiliated,” “blindsided,” and “heartbroken.” 

“My entire life and future was ripped out from underneath me and I’ve had a hard time making sense of it all – with no answers or closure on why,” she wrote in a since-deleted Instagram. “My trust has been betrayed, and coming to terms with that has been difficult for me.”

Lindsay Hubbard says she’s “thankful” for Carl Radke split

Nearly a year after the messy breakup, Lindsay insists she is now “over” being angry at Carl and is grateful to have dodged a “massive bullet.”

“I really truly feel thankful that the universe, or God, or whatever higher being you believe in, stepped in and saved me from a really long, hard, rough life ahead,” she told Glamour. “And because of that, I learned a lot from a very traumatic experience, and I feel like I learned a lot about what I’m not going to do in my future, especially in my romantic life.”

Lindsay Hubbard shares updates on her work and romantic life

2024 marked an exciting year for Lindsay, as she purchased her first income property in Nashville and began dating a former flame. She spoke about her relationship during a recent appearance on the Bitch Bible podcast, saying she previously dated the mystery man at the end of 2020.

“He’s wonderful,” Lindsay said about her boyfriend. “I actually met him and went out with him three-and-a-half years ago. Some of my friends call it a boomerang, where you go out the first time, the timing wasn’t right, and they come back around. So, that’s basically what happened.”

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