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PIKESVILLE, Md. — A bridal shop in Pikesville is partnering with a nonprofit to gift some local heroes the bridal dress of their dreams, and it’s free.

Dresses line the wall as brides hope to find the perfect match. They’re preparing to say ‘Yes to the dress.’

“Anything from clean and classic to lots of detail and sparkle, a line fitted you name it we make sure that there’s at least a few gowns of every silhouette in style,” said Mallory Tarschis, who is the owner of Betsy Robinson’s Bridal Collection.

Tarschis partnered with the nonprofit Brides Across America to gift 16 wedding dresses to first responders, active military or veterans.

For two best friends this enabled them to share the big day. Thereasa Black and Kristi Esco met when they joined the navy.

“We were both in San Diego and then she deployed in Djibouti and I was in Virginia and just being able to see each other through different stages of life it feels very full circle,” said bride to be Kirist Esco.

It’s an extra layer of appreciation for Thereasa as she just started a business selling chocolate and thought getting a wedding dress was out of the question.

“I had to put all my money into that, all of it and each time I got another bill I told him, I can’t, we can’t do this we can’t do the wedding. And so this is life changing,” said bride to be Thereasa Black.

Brides register online at the beginning of the year. Tarschis said it’s a first come first serve on who gets to participate in the selection that is held in November to honor Veterans Day.

“They come in we have a chat with them, what are you looking for what kind of silhouette do you want and then they’re able to shop. They pull a couple we pull a couple.”

This is the third year of hosting the event. Tarschis said it fills her heart with every bride.

“We’re constantly given hugs, we’re constantly given a thank you. The feeling I get is really indescribable,” said Tarschis.

It’s a moment that can bring a tear to anyone’s eye before the big day of saying “I do.”

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