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For the Right Price, An Event with Swoop Can Be Yours.

Everyone Wants Swoop at Your Big Event.

On the seldom occasion when a rare Auburn Bald Eagle soars over Lincoln Financial Field, looking down over a stadium full of 70,000 Eagles fans covered in Kelly Green one has to wonder what this breathtaking bird is thinking right before its talons wrap safely around the knuckles of its handler?

Why is the stadium covered in kelly green? Why are pictures of me everywhere in the stadium? How can I nibble on one of those cheesesteaks?


No doubt the Eagle is wondering what that half-man, half-bird like creature running around the end zone like a Harpy from Greek Mythology actually is.

It’s just Swoop.

Since 1996, Swoop has been running around Veteran’s Stadium and Lincoln and then Lincoln Financial Field.

While you may have a difficult time convincing your bride-to-be that breaking the wedding budget with a fee for Swoop is worth it, but let’s face it.

Money could not be more well spent.

Why spend money on the wedding videographer, the open bar, or the DJ who is already spinning up a repeat playlist of 70s and 80s wedding songs.

According to the Eagles, the legend goes something like this….

“According to an ancient civilization legend that was most likely concocted in the late 1990s, hatched in the quiet Eagles Forest of Neshaminy State Park, Swoop was a bald eagle with poor eyesight and strength, but a “strong and true” heart.The bird gained a humanoid appearance and size after a Philadelphia Eagles fan gave him a jersey that increased his strength, and his vision grew to match his heart. Hoping to help others, he became an overseer of the Eagles community.”


From the City that brought you the Phillie Phanatic, it’s not actually that strange.

So this fall, dispense with the long-held wedding traditions, expenses, and ceremonials.

Just Hire Swoop.

Wait, here comes another lost 80s wedding hit….

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