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Lorraine Kelly hosted the wedding of two grooms Luke Avaient and Gavin Sheppard on her show this morning, which sparked a mixed reaction from viewers on the platform X.. The 64-year-old opened her show wearing a multicoloured dress to mark 10 years since the first same-sex wedding took place in England and Wales, after it was legalised in 2013.

The presenter then took on the duty of marrying the grooms, who were joined in the decorated studio by their loved ones. After exchanging their vows, the newlyweds shared a kiss and embraced a live performance from Alfie Boe.

Lorraine also informed the pair that ITV had paid for luxury holiday for them in honeymoon hotspot Santorini. The special ceremony pulled on the hearts of many viewers who shared their feelings online during the show.

One wrote: “Props to #Lorraine and her team!! The media landscape is so hostile to anything queer, and she’s showed herself to be a true ally with today’s wedding. lovely, lovely stuff to celebrate ten years of gay marriage.” A second said they were emotional watching the wedding unfold, as he typed: “Can’t believe (okay I can) I’m crying at #lorraine this morning.”

A third added: “This is so beautiful xx #Lorraine.” Others weren’t so positive as a fourth branded the ceremony “cringe” while more questioned Lorraine’s choice of outfit.

The former shared a GIF which read: “This is so cringe,” alongside the caption: “Sorry I can’t stop laughing.”

A fifth commented: “As a gay man, this is all too much. Nobody asked for this. Why is #Lorraine dressed as Joseph and the technicolour raincoat?”

A sixth claimed the show could’ve done better in honouring the pair’s special day, writing: “They’ve proper sidelined the wedding, it’s now filler which is a shame because the grooms deserve better. Imagine your own wedding being sidelined #Lorraine.”

“Now look: I’m a staunch LGBT ally. But this is as tacky as f**k, that dress is a virtue signalling insult. #Lorraine,” a sixth added.

Luke and Gavin, both from Cardiff, tied the knot after getting engaged in 2023 four years into their relationship.

Ahead of hosting the ceremony, the presenter said she “wanted to celebrate the fact that it doesn’t [matter] who you love, everybody should be allowed to love who they want to. I thought it was important to mark that.”

While the move was also a celebration of how society has progressed with same-sex rights in the last decade, the presenter told Attitude there is still “a long way to go”.

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