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VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — A family trip to Chic’s Beach turned sour for Chris Goodwin after he misplaced his wedding ring, but it ended up sweet after a social media post about it found the right person to find it.

Goodwin, visiting with family from Richmond this past weekend, told 10 On Your Side that the ring was made using the same metal from his late mother’s original wedding ring that dates back to the 1970s.

His brother-in-law took to Reddit to ask the community for help and shared details about the ring.

The post landed in the right hands, and those hands belong to Steven Andrews.

The Chesapeake resident runs the metal detector company, Gigmaster. He launched the business 11 years ago after retiring from the Norfolk Naval Shipyard.

Andrews said a friend caught wind of the post and reached out to him to see if he could help. On Sunday, Andrews began his search near Bayview Avenue and Lauderdale Avenue.

“I graded the beach off and I went in the water and graded the water off,” Andrews said. “After about an hour, I kind of went away and I came back again for one last try and bam, hit it right on that last shot, right near the edge of the water, right here.”

After finding the ring, he hopped on a call with Goodwin to share the good news.

“I don’t like telling people right off the bat that I found it,” Andrews said. “So, I started asking questions, what kind of ring was it and all that, you know. And he started telling me. I said, ‘Did it look like this right here?’ So, yeah, he was pretty shocked that it was found.”

Andrews has found more than 100 lost items for people in Hampton Roads. And it’s all made possible through donations.

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