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Married at Market Basket? Store offers fake wedding package on April Fools’ Day

Married at Market Basket? Store offers fake wedding package on April Fools’ Day


WALTHAM – April Fools’ is a day to ham it up, which may explain why Market Basket is getting in on the holiday. They took to their social media to offer a fake wedding package that included an aisle to tie the knot, and kitchen dinner. Many of their loyal customers responded by saying this may be a joke, but I would really do this.

“Absolutely why not?” said Maria Rosati while putting away her groceries. “I would want it to be low key, come in shorts and a tank top with flip flops. Put some sand down and pretend that we are at the beach. Right where the meats are, so we can have a big barbecue. That’s what our theme is beach BBQ. Would you like to come? April Fools!”

Walk down the aisle at Market Basket  

“My dad would have to walk me down the aisle. I like the health and beauty section the best,” laughs Kate Griffith. “Everything would be on sale. All of the sales tags would be out, and at the end they would have the confetti and the streamers, and all of the things they hang from the Market Basket ceiling for all of the holidays.”

Brian Doyle comes to shop at their Waltham location twice a week. He would have his wedding and first dance in the frozen food section.

“Keep things cool, moving and energetic,” joked Doyle while grinning. “The refrigerated area, a beautiful woman, a nice woman, a compatible woman.”

The entire wedding would be catered for, including dessert. There is no wedding planner necessary.

“He would be delighted because it would be very frugal,” says Griffith. 

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