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Married At First Sight’s Lucinda Light has finally explained what happened to the heavily pregnant guest who was shown ‘going into labour’ at her TV wedding. As if her outdoor ceremony to Timothy Smith wasn’t dramatic enough when a thunderstorm forced the guests to evacuate, a woman was shown running down the aisle cradling her baby bump as someone yelled: “She’s going to have her baby!”.

Taking to Instagram on Sunday evening, Lucinda shared an update on her guest and “gorgeous friend” Samaria Black and revealed what happened to her following the big day.

“Soon after the wedding, Samaria gave birth to identical twin girls, Juni and Ava, with her lovely partner, Astro. Thanks for holding off on a twin birth on our wedding day beauty (although it would have made some pretty compelling TV!),” she wrote.


“It’s been a challenging start for this beautiful quartet with very little sleep – colicky girls and no nearby in-laws to help lighten the load. But you guys are rocking it, truly! Samaria, I know it’s tough sometimes, my darling – you’re such a wonderful mama! I’m in awe of you and how naturally it all seems to come to you. It feels like the biggest miracle on the planet to be in the girls’ presence so thanks for bringing them earth side.”

Lucinda went on to thank the “scrumptious lady” for giving her so much before she went on MAFS, including her time, style advice and “loads of earrings and accessories”.

“I don’t know where I’d be without my friends. I’ve got some of the best friends in the world and a rad family to boot – so blessed,” she continued. “I just love being a village aunty to all my favourite mama bears’ bubbas and children. I wish I could be there more, but when we have the chance, the whole world drips away, and I’m fully present.”

MAFS’ Lucinda Light and her friend Samaria Black / Lucinda with Samaria's twin babies.

Lucinda thanked her ‘gorgeous friend’ Samaria Black and said she loves being a ‘village aunty’. Photos: Instagram/lucindaslight

Lucinda’s sweet post comes shortly after she revealed on social media that she was “officially broke” before she filmed the reality show last year and relied heavily on her friends and family.

“Last year, I was officially broke for the first time in my adult life & had to borrow money which didn’t feel good. It was incredibly stressful & getting ready for MAFS pushed me to my limit,” she wrote.

“There were many reasons for this: living in expensive Byron, dealing with Covid restrictions as an events person, managing the aftermath and health demands of a breakdown, the Northern Rivers floods, & preparing for MAFS. I had to dig deep, sell my beloved VW van & ask friends/designers for help.”


While things were tough before the show, the wedding celebrant is expected to make a lot of money from her upcoming speaking tour across the UK in August.

Lucinda announced last month that her ‘An Evening with Lucinda Light’ show will visit eight cities across the UK in 10 days, with 4,500 total tickets on sale at £27.50 GBP ($52AUD) each. This will generate just under $250,000 in ticket sales if she sells out all shows, not including meet and greet ticket upgrades, VIP packages and merchandise sales which could see her make even more money.

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