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A woman lost her calm after discovering her fiancé’ wedding vows. She dumped him within no time and told him that she can’t live with somebody who does not respect her.

Man writes funny wedding vows to amuse guests, fiancée dumps him.
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New Delhi: One man took to Reddit to reveal how his silliness broke his relationship. The man told Redditors that he wrote funny vows to keep his guests entertained at the wedding. Unfortunately, when his fiancée came across his vows, she wasn’t that entertained. She left him in no time.

The man started his post by telling netizens how much he loved his woman. Referring to her as the love of his life, the man said, “She is the love of my life. Caring, easy to please and very calm. I thought we would be together forever. I proposed after two years and the wedding had already being paid. Everything was ready, I let her decide all the things because she had all this dreams about it (sic).”

Viral Reddit post

Further, he went on to say that his fiancée came across the wedding vows he had written and saved on his laptop. It left her annoyed, causing her to break up with him and cancel the wedding. “[She] told me this was the last drop. That I never took anything serious, that she couldn’t imagine living her life with someone who doesn’t show any respect towards her,” wrote the man. He then went on to explain that he thought his humour amused her.

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“I thought she appreciated my humour. Sure, she got mad sometimes, but I didn’t really think it was this big of a problem, just a difference of sense of humour,” said the man. He concluded the post saying, “It’s been six months and I don’t know how to move on. I love her so much, how can she do that to me?”

Netizens were quick to respond to the man. One opined, “The vows were the icing on the cake.” Another said, “Does ‘I let her decide all the things because she had dreams about it,’ actually mean – I didn’t help make decisions and offloaded the emotional labour onto her?”

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