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A manager at a popular Long Island wedding venue was accused of sexually abusing at least three waiters working at the business when they were just 15 years old, according to a lawsuit.

Enrique Sanchez, a longtime employee at Sand Castle in Franklin Square who worked as a manager and maître d’, allegedly would kiss the teens on a regular basis, while also grabbing and touching them inappropriately.

He would also verbally harass the three, who are now 17 years old, with different illicit taunts, asking if they wanted to have sex with him.

“That a– is fat. I bet it’s tight,” Sanchez allegedly told one of the boys, the lawsuit states.

The teens worked at Sand Castle during Summer 2022 through Aug. 2023, according to their attorney Jitesh Dudani. The lawsuit alleges that the owner and upper management of the venue were aware of the sexual abuse, but no one intervened.

“Sand Castle must be held accountable for its clear violations of federal and state anti-discrimination laws, and Sanchez for engaging in sexual assault and battery,” said Dudani. “These boys were brave to speak out despite being scarred and scared.”

Whenever one of the teens tried reporting the abuse, Sanchez would retaliate against them with hostility, more work and threats, the attorney said. The boys’ parents also expressed anger over what happened, how it was handled, and how it has impacted their sons.

“I feel so frustrated and distraught, he’s changed in every way, the way he acts, and he can’t sleep, it feels like the world is falling on top of me, I am so worried about him,” said a mother of one of the boys.

Another father said his son “isn’t the same boy anymore, he’s so much quieter now, he barely speaks to now, he’s so distant.”

Lawyers for the teens said it is believed there other victims who have not yet come forward.

Sand Castle did not immediately respond to a request for comment from NBC New York.

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