Market Basket teases ‘#MoreForYourDollar Weddings’ on April 1 – NBC Boston

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Would you get married at a Market Basket?

That’s what the beloved supermarket said on Monday — April Fool’s Day — it will soon be offering: #MoreForYourDollar Weddings.

“Walk down the aisle in your favorite aisle. You’ll exchange vows with your loved one in an intimate ceremony, then guests will enjoy a Market’s Kitchen dinner and Bakery cake at the reception,” Market Basket said in a Facebook post.

The post includes an edited image of a happy couple in their wedding finest kissing in the middle of the cereal aisle, flanked by plenty of bridesmaids and groomsmen.

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Hundreds of people flooded the comments to get in on the April Fool’s fun.

“Plus you could pick up the bouquets in the flower section,” one person wrote.

“Our Floral Department has you covered!” the Market Basket account replied.

Another person even shared what appeared to be their own wedding photos taken at a Market Basket.

Market Basket is, of course, no stranger to getting into the spirit of holidays — it has a Christmas-season customer service decoration competition that gets pretty intense every year.

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