Matt Healy Missed His Mom’s Wedding to Support yhe Rolling Stones – The Messenger

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Matt Healy, the frontman of rock band The 1975, was in hot water after missing his mom’s wedding in 2013.

During a recent episode of Loose Women — a British daytime talkshow, Healy’s mother, Denise Welch, opened up about the time her son missed her wedding in order open for The Rolling Stones with his band.

“Matty, my Matthew, he missed my wedding to Lincoln [Townley],” the British actress said. “I remember when he called me I was doing a play, and he said, ‘Mom, what would you say if I told you I can’t make your wedding?'”

She continued: “This was ten years ago. I said, ‘I’d never forgive you,’ and he said, ‘Even if I was supporting The Rolling Stones at Hyde Park?'”

“And it hurt me but I completely understood,” she said. “It was a dilemma for both of us and it was hard, but I would never have said, ‘You’ve got to [come]’ because the band was on the up.”

Welch, who tied the knot with Townley in July 2013, said that when the band just getting started and “making a lot of noise in the garage” she would tell them to, “Get a job! Unless you are supporting The Rolling Stones, get a job.”

Besides his whirlwind romance with Taylor Swift earlier this year, Healy also made recent news by running afoul at a festival in Malaysia. There, he kissed his band’s bassist, Ross MacDonald, onstage and made comments critical of the country’s policies on LGBTQ+ people, which led to the cancellation of the entire festival. The band was threatened with legal action and fined $2.7 million in damages to reimburse festival organizers.

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