MBLAQ’s Thunder and Gugudan’s Mimi unveil stunning glimpses of pre-wedding photoshoot – IndiaTimes

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After dating for over four years, former Gugudan member Mimi has delighted fans by sharing a glimpse of her pre-wedding photoshoot with former MBLAQ member Thunder.
Mimi took to social media to express her joy, stating, “We had a weddingphotoshoot yesterday! After publicly announcing our relationship on a broadcast this year, we’ve received a lot of congratulations and support, and I’ve been having happy days.Thank you so much for your support, even though you’re busy. Thanks to my sister-in-law who came to support and stayed late for the photoshoot. I’m so happy to be Park siblings’ maknae.”
The heartwarming post included photos of Mimi in a stunning wedding gown and Thunder looking incredibly dapper in a suit. Sandara Park, Thunder’s older sister, also joined in the excitement by commenting on Mimi’s post, declaring, “I’m a sister-in-law! Let’s be like sisters from now on, Mimi. You two must be happy.”
Thunder and Mimi made headlines earlier this year when the former proposed to Mimi on ‘Second House 2’ in July last year. Their surprising announcement disclosed that they had been in a romantic relationship for four years. Thunder had stated then, “We want to have our wedding next year, but the exact date hasn’t been set yet as we haven’t had the formal family meeting.”
Thunder, known for his involvement with the K-pop group MBLAQ, debuted in 2009 and later pursued a solo music career, releasing his first solo album, ‘Thunder’, in 2016. Last year, he participated in the popular rap competition show ‘Show Me the Money 11’, showcasing his talent as a rapper.
Mimi, on the other hand, began her journey in the entertainment industry with the girl group Gugudan in 2016. Following the group’s disbandment, she transitioned to acting, further expanding her career and pursuing new opportunities in the world of entertainment.

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