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Meghan Trainor “got married again” on her 30th birthday.
The ‘All About That Bass’ singer tied the knot with Daryl Sabara when she turned 25 in December2018, and the pair have now decided to set a tradition of renewing their vows every five years.
Speaking on ‘The Drew Barrymore Show’. she said: “My team that I work with every single day, they are my family.
“My manager, Tommy, he married my husband and I on our first wedding and then on our [vow renewal]. On my 30th birthday, we got married again ’cause that was my request. Every five years, we’re getting married. And he married us again and he’s like the godfather of my kids.”
The ‘Me Too’ singer has sons Riley, three, and nine-month-old Barry with the 31-year-old actor and she would like to have more children.
She admitted: “I’m done but I’m not. I need two more kids.I want daughters.”
Meghan and her husband have been “trying to make one” but she has “been busy”.
Earlier this week, Kelly Clarkson offered Meghan some advice for taking her kids on tour with her, urging the ‘Me Too’ singer to still make sure she looked after her own welfare rather than feeling she had to do everything for her children.
Speaking on her eponymous talk show, Kelly – who has River, nine, and Remington, eight, with ex-husband Brandon Blackstock – told her guest: “You don’t want to hear what I have to say.
“It’s about you getting proper sleep. And I’m going to warn you. I tried this. I tried this and it was fine with the one kid, but when you went out, when you tried with two — and then I had dogs, too — I was like, ‘Who do I think I am?’
“Can I give you a tip? I was going to say I have one tip for you and this is because I think a lot of — especially women — have so much guilt on the road, just in general, but especially with your kid, you feel like you have to wake up with them.
“Don’t do that. Have someone. Let him wake up with them. Sleep in as long as you can because you don’t go onstage for your vocals until late.”
The ‘Breakaway’ hitmaker warned Meghan she didn’t need to be “supermom”.
She added: “You’re going to be supermom by showing them how amazing you are onstage, and that’s the time you need for yourself in the morning.”
And when Meghan suggested they would take time to visit museums as a family during downtime on the tour, Kelly offered another warning.
She said: “Don’t try and do it all. See, I tried to do all that, too. Don’t try to do it all.
“It’s OK to miss some of the moments.”

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