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STORY UPDATE: One day after the lost ring story was shared, there’s now a happy ending

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — One metro woman says she’s at her wit’s end after she took her wedding ring in to get repaired, but says the jeweler lost it, and four months later, the store is still refusing to compensate her.

“It was so much worse – so much worse when she told me, and I always get teary eyed when I tell this story, when she told me that it was gone. I just started bawling,” Stacy Herken recalled.

Herken isn’t crying the same happy tears she did more than three years ago when she tied the knot to her now husband.

Her ring was a representation of their forever love. The ring has a one-carat diamond in the middle, and a half-carat on each side, surrounded by smaller diamonds.

One day it began to snag her clothing, so she took it in for a repair.

“‘I have really bad news and I’ve been dreading making this phone call.’ I thought, ‘They can’t fix it.’” Herken said.

The band of the ring was purchased at JCPenney and the engagement ring that was soldered on top was bought from Zales. The ring cost nearly $14,000, but the call wasn’t a “we can’t fix it call.” It was far from that.

JCPenney had lost her ring.

“We worked so hard to put it together – for it to just be perfect and it was perfect” she said.

Months after contacting them, JCPenney is still unwilling to reimburse her for what she says the ring is estimated to cost.

But buyer beware, JCPenney sent her an email, pointing out the wavier she signed before having it repaired states the most she can be reimbursed is about $7,500.

“The significance of these three rings is past, present and future, and that’s what it represents to us – our past, our present and our future an,d we don’t even have it anymore.” Herken said.

FOX4 called JCPenney. One manager told us that the situation was being handled, then directed us to a media relations number. We called three times and the line was busy each time.

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