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Weddings attire takes a lot of planning—whether you’re the bride, mother of the bride or a guest—and a great look can be completely undone by the wrong shoes. After speaking with Forbes Vetted staffers and fashion stylists, we found the most comfortable wedding shoes out there, including Sam Edelman’s Daniella Block Heel Sandal and Loeffler Randall Camellia Bow High Heel Sandals. Some of these picks our editors wore to their own weddings while others were tested in guest situations of all types. Whether you’re looking for open-toe sandals, stylish bejeweled flats or classic pumps that are kind to your feet, here are the most comfortable wedding shoes that we highly recommend for all your events, parties and after-parties.

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Why Trust Forbes Vetted

At Forbes Vetted, we have covered footwear at length as well as wedding fashion and accessories.

  • Forbes Vetted contributor Molly Calhoun frequently writes about women’s shoes, having covered everything from the best slippers for women to the best shoes for swollen feet. She prioritizes comfort along with style, whether dressing for formal events or every day.
  • Forbes Deputy Editor Kari Molvar edited this story. She has studied fashion styling and has written and edited stories on lifestyle and fashion for some of the largest outlets worldwide.
  • For this story, we polled Forbes Vetted staffers for their favorite wedding day shoes and wedding guest shoes. In most cases, we included shoes that our writers and editors have worn.
  • We spoke with experienced women’s fashion stylists to gauge their favorite comfortable bridal shoes and shoes for wedding attendees.

How We Chose The Most Comfortable Wedding Shoes

When determining the best wedding shoes, we went through a lengthy research and reporting process.

  • We started by looking at popular women’s footwear retailers, with a focus on bridal footwear and formal styles.
  • We incorporated firsthand recommendations from a variety of Forbes Vetted team members. We also included favorite wedding shoe styles from seasoned women’s stylists.
  • We looked at specs including heel height, strap width and placement, padding and sole material. Of course, we also took style into account.
  • We included shoes for brides, mothers of the bride and wedding guests at different budgets, for all seasons and in various colors.
  • We also took independent reviews for each pair of wedding shoes into account.

What To Consider When Choosing Wedding Shoes

Open Versus Closed Toe

Deciding on open versus closed toe can be determined by location, time of day and the season. You’ll be more likely to see closed toe wedding shoes during colder months or for city weddings. People tend to gravitate toward open toe shoes in warmer months. But the choice can also impact comfort, depending on the shoe: “Whether the bride or bridesmaid, I would opt for a more open shoe,” says Donnelly. “With all the standing during the ceremony, pictures and then dancing, your feet are going to swell. The last thing you want is a stiff, caged-in heel that cuts into your foot.”

Heel Height And Thickness

It sounds obvious, but in general, the higher the heel, the less likely the shoe will be comfortable for long periods of time on your feet. “You also have to consider the heel thickness of the heel,” says Donnelly. “Most bridal, bridesmaids, and mother of the bride gowns tend to be long, so a slightly thicker heel will lessen the chance of you slipping or stepping on your dress.” A thicker heel will also be more stable on terrain such as grass. If you opt for a four-inch heel or stiletto heel, it may be a good idea to have a comfier backup pair, or even sneakers, to change into as the night goes on.

Strap Placement And Thickness

The benefit of a strap at the ankle is that it can keep shoes securely on your feet. However, if your goal is to visually elongate your legs, nude colors will work better. If you’re wearing a strappy sandal, thicker straps tend to be more comfortable than thin straps, especially when over bridge of the foot.

Your Backup Plan

Even the most comfortable shoes can cause feet to become irritated after lots of hours on your feet, so it’s always a good idea to keep a few supplies in your bag: Consider adding a bandaid or two, moleskin and gel ball of foot pads if you start to feel discomfort.

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