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A wedding is a life-changing moment in a couple’s relationship, so it makes sense that a couple would want to take plenty of photos together to commemorate the occasion. Unfortunately, one mother of the groom recently stood in the way of that opportunity for her son and new daughter-in-law by refusing to the let the newlyweds take even one photo alone at their reception. After the big day, the bride took matters into her own hands and used Photoshop to remove her mother-in-law from a photo, and the mom in question then became upset. In a Reddit post on the subreddit “Am I the A——“ in April 2024, the bride asked the internet if she was at fault for editing the picture.

Key Takeaways

  • While a bride and groom were taking couple portraits on their wedding day, the mother of the groom stepped into the photos and refused to leave—while the groom said nothing.
  • The bride used Photoshop to remove her mother-in-law from one of the photos to share on Instagram.
  • Both her mother-in-law and husband got upset, so the bride asked Reddit if she was at fault.
  • The Reddit community agreed that while her mother-in-law was acting unreasonably, her husband was the real problem.

The Redditor explained that she and her now-husband didn’t take any couple portraits before the ceremony, so at the reception, they decided to get a shot of the two of them. “We stood in front of the camera…but my MIL walked into the photo,” the poster recalled. “I told her politely to get out a little so me and my husband could take photos with the professional first. She didn’t listen and stayed in anyway, and my husband didn’t say anything.”

Since the couple didn’t get any pictures alone, the bride decided to use Photoshop to crop out her mother-in-law. After she shared the edited version of the photo on Instagram, she received an angry text from her mother-in-law. “She said I am disrespectful and family comes first through everything, but I said that it was MY wedding and I understood that but I wanted a photo with him alone and she did not allow that,” the Redditor expressed. She also noted that her husband was angry with his wife, calling her “dramatic.”

To add some context, the Redditor also shared that while she was planning her big day, the mother of the groom tried to pick out her wedding dress and encouraged the couple to select a different wedding cake—despite already making the arrangements. To top it off, at the wedding, her mother-in-law wore a white dress

Her post generated 1,300 comments, and the majority of them voted that the Redditor was innocent in this situation. Many agreed that her mother-in-law was acting unreasonably. “Your MIL was really, literally, inserting herself in a place where she was not wanted,” one person commented. But most of the users determined that her husband was the problem, and they urged her to reconsider her marriage. “Your now husband should have told his mother to take a hike,” someone said. “He also should have told her to go change into another colour. You now know how your husband is going to react throughout this marriage. You’ve got some decisions to make.”

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