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A WOMAN who wore a “gold” dress to her friend’s wedding has revealed she was called “f**king trashy” by the angry bride.

She explained in a post on Reddit’s Am I the A*shole? forum that her best friend Dan tied the knot to Lauren, who has “always disliked” her, despite the fact there has never been any romantic relationship between her and her longtime pal.

A woman who wore this dress to a her friend’s wedding was labelled “f**king trashy” by the brideCredit: HELLOMOLLY
The bride insisted that the woman leave her nuptials
The bride insisted that the woman leave her nuptialsCredit: Alamy

Lauren had even banned the woman from seeing Dan alone, because she “feels that it’s suspicious that I want to hang out with him”.

And despite the fact that Dan had spoken to his wife-to-be “multiple times”, she backs off a bit before “reverting to complaining about him being friends with a girl again.”

“It’s not ideal but she makes Dan happy so I made my peace with it,” she added.

As for the wedding, she said that she was initially due to be in the groom’s party, but Lauren disagreed with swapping “gender roles”.

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She ended up choosing a bronzy orange dress that she thought was perfect for the “warm tone garden party” dress code of the nuptials, adding that she thought she “nailed it”.

However, at the wedding reception, Lauren pulled her to one side and said: “I cannot believe you would wear gold to my wedding, you’re not the first prize you’re just f**king trashy”.

“I was so shocked in the moment I just stared at her,” she continued the post.

“She practically screamed at me to leave and she was drawing attention so I grabbed my husband, said good bye to Dan and left.”

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After the nuptials, Dan “reached out” and said he “was upset I left his wedding so soon”.

However, Lauren’s mum has texted her saying “I ruined the wedding for her daughter and I’m stupid for wearing a gold dress, she’s saying its as bad as wearing white”.

I was dying when I turned up to a wedding in the bridesmaids’ EXACT dress… people say I made a crucial error

“I was genuinely not aware this was a thing,” she said.

“I want to reach out to Dan to explain but I don’t know if I’m in the wrong here.”

Following her post, she was inundated with people insisting she wasn’t in the wrong at all – with one writing: “It’s because you looked stunning in that dress (what a beautiful dress!) and Lauren was jealous.

“Their marriage won’t last with such insecurities like that not being addressed.

“You’ve done absolutely nothing wrong.

“Unfortunately it seems everyone enables the really unhinged people in society.”

“Gorgeous dress,” another added.

“But it’s not about the dress. Totally appropriate for any other wedding guest, but not you.

“Obvs she is extremely jealous of you, and doesn’t trust her husband.

“So…not your problem.”

The poster then returned to add an update to the original post, writing: “I needed a non-biased view on this ‘wearing gold to a wedding’ issue, and now it’s clear that that was never the issue.”

She added that Dan had found out “pretty quickly what actually happened” and called her to rectify the situation.

“Apparently Lauren’s mum had told him I was really drunk and told Lauren her dress wasn’t ‘it’ so I was requested to leave.

“Dan had his suspicions that it was bulls**t but it wasn’t until his mum calling him that confirmed it.

“Turns out she was nearby when Lauren pulled me aside and ironically was actually wearing a yellow-gold dress and ‘tore him a new one’ about letting Lauren treat me like that.”

Dan apologised to her for what had happened, and “apparently this is an ongoing fight between him and Lauren”.

“For all of those who said Lauren just hates me, turns out it’s 100% true,” she added.

“Apparently, she has been trying to convince Dan to cut me off  ‘because that’s what a good husband does’.


“He said he thought she had gotten over it now that they were married.

“I told him that he needs to focus on his happiness, and that I will always be here to support him and that I will take a step back if that’s what he needs.”

The dress is from the brand Hello Molly, and features a chic tie-up back
The dress is from the brand Hello Molly, and features a chic tie-up backCredit: HELLOMOLLY

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