‘My brother proposed at my wedding – I was seething but got sweet revenge on his own big day’ – The Mirror

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One man’s big day was railroaded by his own brother – causing him to reap revenge in the most savage way.

There are certain unwritten rules you follow at weddings: don’t wear white (unless you’re the bride), don’t scroll on TikTok during the vows, and don’t make the night about you . Remember, you’re there to watch two people tie the knot – not to outstage them.

However, it appears one groom’s sibling took the opportunity of having his entire family in one room to propose to his own girlfriend – despite being warned not to. It’s safe to say he won’t be receiving an invitation to their baby shower…

Taking to Reddit, the anonymous man claimed his brother expressed his desire to pop the question to his girlfriend before the wedding had commenced. “I told him no. That it was a day about myself and my wife and we did not want any distractions,” the post reads.

But, the brothers’ mum was outraged at the response – and argued it was fine for the sibling to propose. “She said that he wanted family he might not see again for a while to be a part of the proposal,” the groom added.

“I said I did not give a s**t and that if he did it I would have him kicked out. He did it. And my mom said if I tried kicking him out she would leave too.” Left ‘seething’, the husband waited patiently to get his revenge.

When his brother finally tied the knot, he used the ‘welcome toast’ as an opportunity to announce him and his wife were expected their first baby. “My mum was upset but my grandmother told her to sit down and shut up. We spent most of the reception talking to family we would not see again for a while about our coming baby,” he claimed.

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Now, the mum says her son was an ‘a****e’ for ‘taking the attention away’ from his brother on his wedding day. “She got really mad when I reminded her that she threatened to leave my wedding if I kicked him out after he proposed,” he added.

Hundreds of users flocked to the comments sections, with a clear landslide supporting the man’s sweet revenge, dubbing him a ‘hero’. “That’s absolutely glorious, I love it,” one person wrote.

Another agreed, commenting: “[You] had the guts to actually do it. I say cheers to that.” While a third added: “Pretty obvious who’s the golden child in that family. I’m glad [you] were able to get some revenge.” A fourth penned: “Sometimes it’s good to be an a*****e.”

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