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What the actual frock, dude?

A cloud of doom and gloom is looming over an absent-minded groom after he accidentally lost his bride-to-be’s $2,000 wedding dress.

He blankly placed it on the roof of his car and then drove off onto the highway. The finery flew away and has yet to be found.  

Cain is offering a $500 reward to anyone who finds her lost wedding dress. 7NEWS Australia

“We have unfortunately lost a potential wedding dress,” announced soon-to-be bride Lindel Cain, a physiotherapy staffer from Adelaide, South Australia, in a Facebook bulletin.  

“Tom stupidly left the package on the roof of the car,” the twenty-something continued of her fiancé’s flub. 

Cain did not immediately respond to The Post’s request for comment. 

Moments ahead of the gone-with-the-wind gown incident, the engaged pair was retrieving items from a storage unit in north Adelaide, per 7News

Cain explained that as she and groom-to-be, Tom Mitton, were loading up his SUV, he put a box containing her costly bridal frock on top of the truck for fear it’d be crushed by other packages. He then mindlessly sped onto a busy roadway. 

“We were pulling into Burnside Village [shopping center] when the penny dropped for him, and we quickly turned around and tried to retrace our steps,” Cain told the outlet. “We parked the car and walked along Port Wakefield Rd with trucks going [55 miles per hour] past us, trying to find the box somewhere on the side of the road.”

Mitton mindlessly left Cain dress on top of his car and drove away, rendering it lost. 7NEWS Australia

Desperate to recoup the couture, the blond, who’s set to tie the knot with Mitton in February 2025, has offered a $500 reward to any eagle-eyed detector who locates and returns the dress. The box containing the precious cargo bears Cain’s name. 

And although she’s begging folks to join her and Mitton in their hunt for the all-white number, a crestfallen Cain is trying to remain in good spirits. 

“It’s going to make a very good speech at the wedding,” she joked, adding that her goofy guy is extremely remorseful. 

“For a man who isn’t very emotional, there were lots of emotions yesterday,” said Cain, “lots of tears on his behalf because he could see how upset I was.”

Cain plans to rib Mitton over his mistake during their 2025 “I Do’s.” Lindel Cain/Facebook

The downunder darling was likely as shattered as Southern California brief Rebecca Nguyen, who discovered that a family member accidentally donated her beaded, spaghetti-strapped wedding dress to Goodwill in May 2023. 

Arkansas bride Bailey Dobson, too, had an emotional “meltdown” when her mom made the same mistake, giving her dress away to charity, weeks before her nuptials last December. 

After issuing a public plea for its return on social media, Dobson discovered her gown was being re-sold on eBay. 

“We had contacted the seller, and she was willing to take it down and give it back to us,” said the bride. “Thank goodness.”

“Like, this is one of those things that you read about [hoping] it never happens to you.”

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