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WEDDINGS are meant to be joyous and celebratory but sadly, they seem to bring out the worst in people.

One bride has gone viral for her extreme wedding rules that are so bad, her friends and family are already dropping out.


The badly behaved bride has upset almost every single of one of her guestsCredit: Getty – Contributor
She refused to make an exceptions - even for her grieving aunt and flower girl


She refused to make an exceptions – even for her grieving aunt and flower girlCredit: Getty

While every bride wants her big day to be perfect, we are still trying to get our heads around some of these rules.

Originally shared on Reddit’s infamous ‘Am I the A**hole?’ thread, the bride-to-be insisted that she wasn’t being ‘controlling’ and that the rules had been agreed upon with her fiancé.

She pointedly wrote: “Before y’all jump into any conclusions about how my fiancé needs to run away from me and how crazy I am…these rules for the wedding were mutually agreed on by both me and my fiancé and many of them were his idea.”

With the tone set for the rest of her post, she then proceeded to explain each of her rules and why her loved ones had objected to them.

Like many brides, the Redditor had wanted an ‘unplugged ceremony’ with no mobile phones until after the main dinner.

As there were no kids allowed at the wedding, many of her guests wanted to be allowed to use their phones to check on their kids and the babysitters.

However, the bride insisted that there would be no expectations to her rule.

“Unplugged means unplugged. Checking with your kids is not an emergency. If something serious happens, you’ll know,” she pointedly wrote.

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Unsurprisingly, her dress code hadn’t gone down much better.

Not only would guests have to wear black, but there were mandatory tuxedos for men and dress for women. (Sounds cheery)

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For one guest, the bride’s aunt, this colour scheme had caused no end of upset as she’d been mourning her husband for two years and only just removed her black clothes.

Despite pleas from her and the groom’s sister, who only ever wears trousers due to her body dysphoria, the Redditor was still refusing to budge.

She argued: “Again if we make an exception for two people we’ll have to make an exception for everyone.”

If you weren’t already tempted to pull out of this wedding, you probably will be after hearing the bride’s final rules.

Having bought her bridesmaids’ dresses months in advance, she expected the bridal part to ‘stay on the weight they are right now’ or they would ‘have a problem’.

The Reddit post has gone viral with countless comments about the bride's rules


The Reddit post has gone viral with countless comments about the bride’s rulesCredit: Getty
Many have even questioned whetehr the post is real because the bride is so unreasonable


Many have even questioned whetehr the post is real because the bride is so unreasonableCredit: Getty

Understandably, the other women weren’t too impressed with this – not the Reddit particularly cared.

“They had an issue with this claiming I can’t police their eating habits,” she told the forum, adding: “One of my bridesmaids claims she developed an ED from that rule but there’s no official diagnosis so I don’t know if she’s valid.”

Even the flower girl didn’t escape unscathed, with the tot being banned from the events after the nuptials – despite her mum being the maid of honour.

With the wedding over four hours away from their home, the wedding guest decided it was simpler to let her daughter stay with her mum and not take part in the ceremony.

After infuriating every one of her family and friends, the bridezilla revealed that even her parents had decided to drop out.

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“My parents supported us until now but my mom got so mad that she said our wedding is doomed from the get go with these rules,” she revealed, with others also cancelling at the last minute.

We are surprised she had any guests at all with this attitude.

Even her parents had pulled out of the wedding


Even her parents had pulled out of the weddingCredit: Getty Images

UK Wedding traditions

If you are attending a wedding this summer, you might want to make a note of these wedding traditions.

  • Not wearing white: Ever since Queen Victoria popularised the white wedding dress, its been largely accepted that guests don’t wear white. Creams, off-whites and very pale pastels are also unacceptable.
  • Giving away the bride: this strange tradition dates back to Roman times and ensure the groom was a worthy suitor. If the bride’s parents were unimpressed, they could even take the bride back and marry her to someone else.
  • Something borrowed, something blue: Practised since the 1800s, this popular practise involved the bride having something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue on her person. Usually these are tokens from loved ones.
  • Throwing rice: While less common today, this was done as white rice is a symbol of purity and fertility.
  • Carrying the bride over the threshold: Thought to protect the bride from evil spirts, this practise involves the groom carrying her throw the door of their hotel or home.

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