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A woman whose future stepdaughter destroyed her wedding dress a week before the wedding has taken to the internet to search for help.

The bride-to-be was dating her fiancé for three years before he proposed over one year ago. She said that she’s always been okay with the fact he has a 12-year-old daughter – but things went awry as the wedding date approached.

The woman took to Reddit to share her frustrations with other users, saying: “I’m torn between just straight up abandoning him or giving his daughter yet another chance”.

The 32-year-old said: “He told me on our first date he was a package deal; his daughter is his whole world. I was perfectly okay with it.

“His ex is still in the picture as they are coparenting. She doesn’t like me one bit. His daughter and I have had a bit of a strained relationship.

“But she’s been really haughty and nasty to me. She makes cutting comments and will respond with ‘you’re not my mother’ when I ask her to stop. He has tried to set down ground rules but she flippantly tells him that I’m not going to last.”

The woman emphasized that she doesn’t believe the young girl is a bad child. She said: “I understand it, having grown up in a divorced home that both parents remarried.

“She’s a preteen and has some conflicted thoughts about her dad marrying a new woman instead of going back to her mother. We have tried therapy, groundings and everything else but nothing works.”

However, the wedding dress incident became the final straw.

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She said: “A couple of weeks ago, alternations on my wedding dress were finished. I was really excited. My late grandma made her own wedding dress after seeing photos of Grace Kelly and many women in our family have worn it to their weddings or have had their own dresses designed after it.

“As I’m taller than my grandma, I had mine made. It’s really special to me. I have the dress saved in my closet, tucked in a garment bag.

“My fiancé was running late from work and called to let me know. His daughter arrived home and everything was normal. I stepped into the kitchen to finish preparing dinner, leaving her alone.

“If I had any inkling of what was about to happen, I would’ve done something different.

“Dinner was ready and I went to get her. I passed my bedroom door and something about the way the sliding closet door was positioned made me want to check.

“My dress had been cut to pieces with a pair of scissors and was covered with glitter paint. My veil is torn to shreds. It’s completely ruined.

“I broke down crying. I was too upset to even be angry. Alan arrived and found me in a mess. He was beyond furious and went to see her, confronting her about it. She admitted it with a shrug of her shoulders and said ‘What’s the point? She’s just a fat old cow anyway.'”

The woman said that she is now trying to figure out if she can go on with the way things are. She said that her sadness has been “replaced with a boiling anger” and that she tempted to call off the wedding.

“I don’t know if I can keep taking it,” she said.

Others tried to comfort her online, but users are yet to know what decision she made.

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