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A woman whose mother destroyed her grandmother’s wedding dress because she wanted to wear it has taken to the internet to look for advice.

The woman said that her mother covered the dress with black stains that she believes are ink. The reason was that she would look to much like her grandmother.

Taking to Reddit, she wrote: “My nan was a happy housewife, and she pushed that lifestyle onto her daughters. Mum went the opposite way, telling me that I should put my career over all else.

“Mum still allowed Nan to babysit me and we became very close before she passed away. I’m getting married, and I want to wear Nan’s dress, which was originally worn by her in the late ’60s.

“When I told mum she became upset and angry, saying I couldn’t use Nan’s dress as I look too much like Nan already and the dress would add to that, and began sending me other dress ideas and offered to pay for a new one, all of which I rejected.”

Things really went downhill when the woman’s mother visited her grandparents’ house after her rejections.

She wrote: “The dress was being stored at Nan’s house. My grandfather was looking after it and he was the one who offered me the dress in the first place. It was up in his attic and was very carefully stored.

“Three days ago, Mum went to Grandad’s house, saying that I’d tasked her with picking up the dress. Grandad let her in. She then left without the dress. Grandad realized she’d forgotten the dress after she left, went up to the attic, and found it covered in black stains.”

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The woman said she’s been hand washing the lace dress but can’t get the stains out. “Grandad says it’s fine, and it’s just a dress, but he’s clearly upset over this,” she said.

“I’ve spoken to Mum and she completely ignored my questions about the dress, only offering to buy me a new dress, and refusing to talk about Nan’s dress, aside from saying it wouldn’t have suited me.”

The woman added that she was at her “wit’s end”. She said: “I just can’t believe she would do this. This was just so unnecessarily petty and spiteful. I don’t even know what to say to her any more.”

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