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A bride has shared her horror after discovering her sister-in-law cancelled her wedding just hours before she was due to walk down the aisle. Speaking on the bride’s behalf, her daughter explained how her auntie phoned up the church and reception venue to cancel because the ‘bride and groom split up’ last minute.

However, this was all a lie – as the bride and groom were each undergoing the wedding day preparations – getting dressed, taking photos with their bridesmaids and groomsmen, and making their way to the venue. On Reddit, the daughter said: “My mum’s sister-in-law (my dad’s brother’s wife) rang the church and reception and said the bride and groom had split up and the wedding was off.

“They only found out as a different guest went to the venue to scope out parking, and was told it was off, and he rang my dad. The venue had cancelled everything, caterers, DJ, etc. They didn’t check with the bride and groom as what close family member cancels when it’s not actually cancelled.”

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Thankfully, the church and reception venue were able to correct their mistake and the wedding went ahead a few days later. She said: “[There was] different food than planned, different photographer, some of the decorations weren’t there. But the venue really did try to put it right and by all accounts did a surprisingly good job. Anyway. Nothing like a bit of family drama for a wedding.”

Commenting on her post, one user said: “When you frequent the various abuse support subs, one of the recommendations is to set up a password with your vendors to make sure no one can make changes (or cancellations) without your consent.” Another user added: “Was your uncle’s wife in love with your dad, or something?”

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