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Everybody has their own beauty regimes that they like to follow, but sometimes they make the person look worse, rather than better – but would you tell them?

A woman was getting seriously stressed about her sister, who was due to be her maid of honour at her wedding, but she’d recently taken on a new skincare routine that included spray tan – but she said it was “always patchy as f**k”.

The stressed bride-to-be wrote into the Everything Luanna podcast to express her concerns, saying that she didn’t want to hurt her sister’s feelings or fall out with her, but something needed to be said so she didn’t turn up to her wedding “bright orange”. Hosts Luisa Zissman and Anna Williamson were left snorting and laughing at the woman’s “brutal” question.

WARNING: The below video contains very strong language.

The anonymous woman said that her sister was very “fair-skinned”, but the tan made her look “bright orange”, and she’d also “started dyeing her hair at home, which is supposed to be blonde but comes out orangey yellow every time”.

She said: “I’ve tried suggesting different brands or tricks or a f**king salon. She’s going to look ridiculous on our wedding day and I can’t stop cringing. Do I say something and hurt her feelings or not say anything and have her look like a bag of s**t?”

The hosts captioned their video: “This wedding dilemma is so savage. Only a sister could be this cruel. What would you do in this situation?”

In the comments, people shared what their sisters would do, with one writing: “My sister would call me an Oompa Loompa and tell me to get it together. I would listen to her.” Another suggested: “Take her on a spa day before the wedding with a hair appointment and a spray tan”, with someone agreeing: “It’s expensive, but it saves embarrassment.”

“My best friend had a no fake tan rule at her wedding and said we could spray tan instead. It all worked out really well, no one was offended”, a TikTok user shared. Another joked: “Send her this video, that should do the trick!”

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