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It was a huge weekend for Hollywood’s Beautiful Character Actor community. Naomi Watts and Billy Crudup got married for the second time, exactly a year after their New York City courthouse wedding. This time, the couple opted for a blowout bash, celebrating their nuptials in Mexico City this past Saturday.

Sadly for those of us with Apple TV–induced brain rot, none of Crudup’s Morning Show castmates were in attendance. The celebs who were there included two of Watts’s longtime friends, Nicole Kidman and Justin Theroux. Thankfully, Theroux was diligent about taking pictures on his phone throughout the event, so it’s kind of like we were all there.

In photos shared to his Instagram Story, Theroux showed Watts walking down the aisle with her son Sasha Schreiber, as well as several photos of their incredibly ornate venue. It looked like a cathedral, but per Theroux’s pics, it turned into a nightclub complete with a disco ball following the ceremony. Whatever it was, it looked really fun.

“This is a reminder of what life’s about, the affirmation of love being one of the simplest things but the most important,” Watts said in a video shared by her brother, the photographer Ben Watts. In the midst of the slowest, most upsetting (and still just rumored) celeb breakup in years, that’s nice to hear. And you know what? Maybe a Mexico City vow renewal is exactly what Bennifer needs to turn things around.

Naomi Watts and Billy Crudup Got Married (Again)

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