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SUPPLY, NC (WWAY) — For bride and groom-to-be Katie Hoben and Luke LePage, the Lockwood Folly Country Club was their perfect wedding venue. But after a fire destroyed the pool house that was meant to be their bridal suite last Saturday, they had just seven days to find a new place to get ready.  

“My fiancé actually levitated out of the bed with the news because we were not expecting that at all,” Hoben said. 

But when the couple went to assess the damage the next day, they met Kit and Holly Goff.  

“They heard about the fire, and they came over and told Joe that if we wanted to use their house to get ready for our bridal suite; which was beyond generous to be able to do that for two strangers,” Hoben said. 

Without hesitation, the Goffs offered their house, which is just two doors down from the country club free of charge.  

“I just said ‘Well, if they want to come to our house, they can do that.’ And he said, ‘I might just do that,’” Holly recalled. 

The Goffs said offering their home for Katie and Luke’s special day was an easy decision.  

“Well, It’s just what people do here really, I’m really excited about it because I love weddings. I always go to the end of the street and peek when there’s any wedding,” Holly said. 

Holly said a bridal party will be a welcome first for their home.  

“Our three daughters were married elsewhere, so I’ve always wanted to have a bride here,” Holly added. 

Katie and Luke’s special day, saved by the kindness of others.  

“Everything was going wrong and then so many beautiful things happened to still make it a special day,” Hoben said. 

“Wonderful memory from something that could have been bad and a tragedy but turned out to be a great time,” LePage added. 

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