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Courte Collection is a contemporary Australian fashion brand that has been producing minimalist, chic pieces for the modern, eco-conscious bride since its inception in 2021. After the COVID-19 pandemic, Anastasia Tushuizen, who owned luxury bridal boutique Carte Blanche Bride at the time, and Tania Stokes, who ran Tania Stokes Couture, noticed that the unprecedented global health crisis changed the bridal fashion landscape: They found that brides were interested in shorter dresses made with high-quality, sustainable materials. To meet this request, Tushuizen and Stokes decided to join forces (and their complimentary skill sets), and thus, Courte Collection was born. 

From its atelier in Melbourne, the company handcrafts every design using recycled fabrics that are soft, comfortable, and durable. In addition to its sustainable practices, the brand also champions its intricate craftsmanship and traditional haute couture tailoring. 

Below, the latest collection from Courte Collection. 

Courte Collection Spring 2025

Courte Collection’s Spring 2025 line of wedding dresses, Jeux de Nuit, evokes modernity and minimalism. Some of the designs in the collection feature separates, such as mini skirts, tailored shorts, and wide-legged pants, that brides can pair with tops and jackets or even wedding dresses. By creating items that you can mix and match, the designers aim to make a statement about traditional bridal dressing and provide options that brides can rewear after the celebration. Additionally, the collection features its signature clean aesthetic and sleek tailoring, plus curved seams, drop waists, and contrasting fabrics. Of course, each ensemble maintains the brand’s sustainable initiatives.

Read on to explore the Spring 2025 collection.

As it is our absolute commitment that all brides see themselves in our coverage, our editorial team has worked with the brand to confirm that this collection meets the standards outlined in our diversity pledge.

Courtesy of Courte Collection

Amara Top and Belle Mini Skirt

The Cut: Sleeveless plunge shell top and high-waisted mini skirt

The Material: Viscose, elastane, and lyocell canvas twill

The Wow Factor: The floor-length bow belt

Courtesy of Courte Collection

Amelie Metallic Top and Isabelle Mini

The Cut: Plunge shell top and mini skirt

The Material: Lamé and lyocell canvas twill

The Wow Factor: The metallic hue

Courtesy of Courte Collection

Antoinette Blouse and Palazzo Pantalon

The Cut: Halter-neck blouse and wide-legged pants

The Material: Viscose, elastane, and lycra

The Wow Factor: The ruffled collar

Courtesy of Courte Collection

Calista Gown

The Cut: Strapless drop-waist gown

The Material: Viscose, lycra, and lyocell canvas twill

The Wow Factor: The pleated skirt

Courtesy of Courte Collection

Ines Gown

The Cut: Tuxedo-style wrap dress

The Material: Viscose, lycra, and recycled polyester satin

The Wow Factor: The structured collar and single-button clasp

Courtesy of Courte Collection

Coquille Plisse Top and Gigi Short

The Cut: Square-neck pleat top and high-wasted flared shorts

The Material: Lyocell canvas twill and rayon

The Wow Factor: The bow detailing

Courtesy of Courte Collection

Lulu Silk Skirt

The Cut: Tulip mini skirt

The Material: Silk

The Wow Factor: The pockets

Courtesy of Courte Collection

Kennedy Gown

The Cut: Halter-neck slip dress

The Material: Viscose, lycra, ecovero lenzing viscose satin

The Wow Factor: The high neckline

Courtesy of Courte Collection

Licou Blouse

The Cut: High-neck peplum waterfall blouse

The Material: Viscose and lycra

The Wow Factor: The asymmetrical hemline

Courtesy of Courte Collection

New Audrey

The Cut: Sleeveless shift mini dress

The Material: Viscose and lycra

The Wow Factor: The minimalist design

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