Newlyweds Won $1 Million Lottery a Day After Wedding – Brides

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After saying “I do,” most newlyweds kick off their married lives with new kitchen appliances or upgraded bed linens from their registry. But one bride and groom received an unimaginable wedding gift: Just one day after they tied the knot, the couple scored $1 million after winning the Michigan lottery, New York Post reported on November 9, 2023. Michigan Lottery Connect revealed that a 57-year-old groom from Livingston County—who wished to remain anonymous—bought the lucky ticket, a Diamonds and Pearls instant game.

According to Michigan lottery officials, the Michigan resident purchased the scratch-off ticket from an E-Z Mart in Prudenville. The man then asked his wife to scratch the ticket for him. After she did the honors, the ticket revealed a circle symbol, signifying a jackpot win. “When she revealed the $1-million prize amount, we were in disbelief,” he told the officials. “We kept reading the instructions over and over again to make sure we really won. It was an exciting couple of days for us.”

After scoring the large sum of money, the man requested to receive his prize in a one-time lump sum payment of $693,000, rather than taking it in annuity payments. The 57-year-old and his wife told officials that they don’t plan on spending their winnings right away. Instead, they’re going to invest the money.

The Diamonds and Pearls instant game first launched in August 2023. Since then, players have won more than $14 million, per the Michigan Lottery Connect. After purchasing a ticket for $10, anyone has a chance at winning prizes that range from $10 to $1 million. According to the website, there are still more than $37 million in prizes available—including two $1 million prizes.

In March 2023, a similar thing happened to another couple—except they won the lottery twice on the same day. A duo from New South Wales, Australia, won two $1 million prizes after the husband bought two identical tickets, People reported. After playing the same numbers for three decades, the woman accidentally skipped a week. To make up for it, her husband bought two tickets the following week—and they both ended up being winners. The outlet shared that the woman screamed after realizing she won the first prize, and her excitement only increased when she saw the second ticket. “I can’t believe this happened to us,” the man said. As for spending the prize, the woman said she plans on buying her daughter a home.

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