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Nick Viall and his fiancée Natalie Joy aren’t letting the stress of wedding planning get to them.

“It’s been a big priority for us to try to have this planning process be enjoyable and something we want to remember,” Viall, 43, tells PEOPLE in an exclusive interview about the pair’s partnership with wedding platform Zola.

The Bachelor Nation star says Joy, who is currently pregnant with the couple’s baby daughter, has taken the reins on the wedding planning. “Natalie’s done such an amazing job,” he says. “She’s been the vision of our wedding, and I hope that I’m here to support her as much as I can.”

“Nothing’s really been stressful, which is lovely,” adds Joy, 25. “Especially being pregnant and doing this. I’m very grateful for that.”

The bride-to-be says the biggest challenge has been nailing down the logistics for the event, which is being held at her family’s private estate in Savannah, Georgia.

“The location is a bit aways from the downtown civilization area, so it’s just figuring out the logistics of getting everyone out there. All of that stuff has been the hard part,” she explains.

One part of the planning that was easy to check off their to-do list? Their save-the-dates and invitations, which they teamed up with Zola to create. For their save-the-dates, the couple — who got engaged in January — opted for a simple design using a white background and three photos from their recent engagement shoot.

Natalie Joy (left) and Nick Viall pose during their engagement photoshoot.

Sarah Partain

Ahead of the wedding ceremony, Viall and Joy will host a welcome party for their guests, especially since many of them will be coming in from out of town. “A big goal of ours is to have our guests have fun,” he says.

“People are going to take the time to make the trip down, and we just want to spend as much time with our guests as possible,” he continues. “One thing we learned from being at other weddings is that first day of being at the welcome party puts less pressure on the couples getting married because they get to socialize the day before the ceremony.”

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As the wedding continues to take shape ahead of the big day — the couple has not yet revealed the date publicly — Viall says he is excited to savor the experience.

“I’m kinda looking forward to everything,” he shares. “I’m looking forward to seeing Natalie’s vision. I’ve been involved in the process, but Natalie’s been going down to Savannah and being a little bit more hands-on than I have.”

Nick Viall and Natalie Joy’s save-the-dates.


While the planning has been a lot to juggle amid the baby preparations, Joy says she has enjoyed getting creative and choosing a theme and decor for their celebration. She wants everything to perfectly reflect the vision she has in mind.

“It’s super formal but on an animal farm,” she explains of the theme. “So I want to make sure it’s giving that chicness and elegance that we want but still the fun juxtaposition of it being on an animal farm with horse manure.”

“The location is quite stunning,” Viall chimes in. “It’s a beautiful piece of property that her family is blessed to have. It’s this beautiful backdrop where we’re going to be immersed in nature. It’s going to be black tie.”

Natalie Joy’s engagement ring.

Sarah Partain

Being from the South, Joy says there are a few timeless wedding traditions she holds close to her heart and wants to incorporate in the couple’s nuptials.

“But I do want to make this wedding our own and make it different,” she notes. “We’re having a bridal party but they’re not standing beside us. They’ll be getting ready with us throughout the day, and we’ll take photos together. But Nick and I really want that moment up there just the two of us together.”

Joy is already preparing for the emotional moment when Viall recites his vows to her. “He’s so romantic and good with his words,” she explains. “I know I’ll be sobbing, so I will be going first.”

Viall, on the other hand, is simply looking forward to spending the special day with Joy by his side.

“We’ll have our daughter there,” he adds of their baby on the way. “It’ll be just a beautiful family moment for us, and I’m just really excited to celebrate them.”

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